For Ever by Beppe Kessler

Exhibition  /  30 Sep 2023  -  01 Oct 2023
Published: 15.09.2023
Beppe Kessler. Brooch: Dwarf Planet, 2023. Aluminium, rvs, pearl, sand, paint, plastic, wood. Beppe Kessler
Brooch: Dwarf Planet, 2023
Aluminium, rvs, pearl, sand, paint, plastic, wood
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What if you suddenly hear that you are seriously ill… What will you be doing afterwards; what do you still want to say, create? And what must happen with all those half things you’ve kept infinitely in drawers and boxes: damaged, broken, forgotten, both worthless and worthwhile...

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Beppe Kessler
There is jewellery that nobody wears anymore; sometimes they need repair, the links worn, clasps broken, or it might simply have gone out of fashion. Whether or not made from precious metals, still, they are linked to memories….
Take the horn medallion, inlaid with silver and mother-of-pearl, worn daily as a teenager. Cufflinks, received as a keepsake, just like that gold link bracelet. Or the coral brooch you never wore, too much of a jewel, too refined. The charm chain full of silver creatures, people and objects, each with their own meaning: ever cherished, always tinkling when in use.
It doesn’t even have be jewellery: for instance, a tiny ramshackle box of Japanese lacquer, some lonely ebony violin key, or a few tin figurines. A small milk tooth, no idea whose… Shells and pieces of coral collected in the late 1940s by your mother in Indonesia.
I’ll bring them back into the spotlights. I would love to immortalize them forever. I shall dismantle, separate, integrate them and grand them a second life. Together they will grow into new, miniature stories in the form of brooches. New life!

Beppe Kessler
(Ward Schrijver, © Galerie Rob Koudijs)