Fables for the Times. Presentation of Artist in Residence Program Revive in Ten

Exhibition  /  25 Dec 2020  -  05 Jan 2021
Published: 28.12.2020
MEI-BO Art Museum
Shikun Wang
Qian Wang, Bo Wu

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The twelve outstanding young artists were selected to create their new works in “Revive in Ten” residency project held by MODA art fund in ten days of August in Shanghai. The young artists conducted ten-day interdisciplinary on-site creation under the background of ‘lock-down’ during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Finally, with the powerful support of Mei-Bo Art Museum, the exhibition of achievements in the project will be presented installations, performance art, metal-works, and craft-works to the public on 25th December.

Artist list

Yizhi Chen, Yingjie Deng, Xiaodie Hu, Yujun Jiang, Hanying Li, Ziyi Liu, Zheyu Ni, Shuangshuang Xu, Ziqi Xu, Mengqing Zhang, Yiding Zhang, Yili Zhang, Yuan Zhang, Yudi Zheng
"Chicken with Rabbit Cage" is a Chinese classical mathematical problem which named as the title of the exhibition "Revive in Ten" art project has no connection with mathematics. The title is in fact a metaphor for the unusual coexistence state during the epidemic quarantine period. It is a contemporary "allegorical interpretation" problem.
The COVID-19 epidemic has become a special node of the times, making it impossible to ignore this topic for the arts. The artists have deeper understandings on the epidemic and their works are more profound after the settlement of the time lasting for one year. Stephen Bottomley, the head of School of Jewellery, BCU, evaluated the on-site conditions of the "Revive in Ten" and said:" I believe that all participants have successfully created artworks, and every creator has contributed to this unprecedented and complex global scene, and we will understand its real impacts years later". I think the real impact of this may be reflected in our kindness to the "usual" coexistence status after experiencing the "unusual" coexistence of the epidemic.

/ Revive in Ten Project Team, Qian Wang (Director of MODA.CC)

Academic Review:
The twelve young artists attending this workshop had been set a significant challenge in engaging with a theme that reflected the phycological impact of the restrictions and imposed social changes of "lock-down" during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The works created over ten days were all executed in a breadth of mixed media and technologies needed to capture aspects of isolation, longing and tension in their concepts.  I believe all the participants created successful art pieces, each contributing to what is a complex and unprecedented worldwide scenario that we will be years in understanding the true impact of.
As a jewellery maker and educator, I look for technical innovation and material knowledge and understanding as signs of a thoughtful maker and designer.  My own interests have never been limited to an interest in craft alone and I have always found the boundaries or ‘soft edges’ of where our subject melt into something not typical of the craft-world, to manifest as something both new and exciting quite irresistible and exciting.
Professor Stephen Bottomley.
Head of Birmingham Institute Jewellery, Fashion and Textiles

The “10 days” project is a very effective example of how complex and even delicate issues related to people's lives can be addressed, offering the opportunity to express social criticism and individual points of view to those people who would perhaps have some difficulty expressing in another way their feel. The chosen theme summarizes practical aspects (no choice forced coexistence), and emotional aspects (emotional relationships between relatives), and asks to expose the personal feelings, even very intimate, that such a peculiar situation can set in motion.
Cultural, anthropological, social and historical aspects can represent different approaches to this project idea, and in fact the works produced show a surprising methodological diversity. It is also interesting to note how heterogeneous are the media used, not at all conformist, sometimes witty, always very creative, both when it comes to installations of clay or painting, and when we see real live happenings. Some work is very provocative in form and message and denotes not so much the "normal" complexity of relationships between generations, but a marked difficulty in managing parental and generational relationships, which should be lived with joy and spontaneity.
Giò Carbone, Director.
LAO - Le Arti Orafe Jewellery School
Xiaodie Hu. Necklace: The Unique Facial Beauty, 2019. Wood, lacquer.. 35 x 15 x 3 cm. Xiaodie Hu
Necklace: The Unique Facial Beauty, 2019
Wood, lacquer.
35 x 15 x 3 cm
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Yujun Jiang. Piece: From Gestures to Reincarnation, 2020. Copper, gold plating.. 10 x 10 cm. Yujun Jiang
Piece: From Gestures to Reincarnation, 2020
Copper, gold plating.
10 x 10 cm
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Hanying Li. Piece: Direction, 2020. Copper.. 8 x 6 x 5 cm. Photo by: Shikun Wang. From series: Indirizzato. Hanying Li
Piece: Direction, 2020
8 x 6 x 5 cm
Photo by: Shikun Wang
From series: Indirizzato
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