Face to Face

Exhibition  /  28 Sep 2017  -  11 Nov 2017
Published: 03.09.2017
Roberta Ferreira, Laura Jener

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We've held many exhibitions of contemporary jewellery since dterra was founded 16 years ago. Although we've seen an increase in appreciation from the public, we still feel the need to strive for further recognition of CJ as an artistic discipline. So here we are once more with an exhibition that proposes new subjects and ways of presenting them. 

To accompany the 2017 edition of Barcelona Jewellery Week in October, dterra is offering an exhibition titled Face to Face.

Artist list

Irene Barrera, Walter Chen, Roberta Ferreira, Eva Girbes, Laura Jener, Yumi Kato, Judy Mc Caig, Elisabeth Moreno, Martina Pont, Ramon Puig Cuyàs, Davinia Torija, Marta Torrent, Blanca Torà, Silvia Walz
14 artists are presenting 2 creations about the same idea, thought, concept or feeling expressed in different artistic languages: one of them jewellery and the other in any media (chosen freely).

Our intention is to debate the artistic value between the wearable and the non-wearable piece. From this dialogue we want to create reflections from the artist and the public in a search for answers about the role of artistic jewellery in our society.
These reflections will be collected in a book, which will be available for the exhibition attendants.

We invite you to participate and share your visions!
Laura and Roberta