The Feel of the City – Jewellery from Centres of this World

Exhibition  /  09 Jul 2015  -  01 Nov 2015
Published: 17.04.2015
Attributed to Pere Juan Poch. Pendant: Untitled, Vienna, about 1580–1587. Gold, diamonds, rubies, enamel. Photo by: Günther Meyer. Part of: Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim. Attributed to Pere Juan Poch
Pendant: Untitled, Vienna, about 1580–1587
Gold, diamonds, rubies, enamel
Photo by: Günther Meyer
Part of: Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim
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 Adorning the body has ever since been a way of expressing status and was subject to etiquette, the focus of this exhibition nevertheless is the importance of the city of artistic fabrication and shift in perception of jewellery. Works from throughout the centuries are presented, outlining the changes in social and commercial life as well as the influence of intercultural exchange.