Flora Curiosa by Hanna Liljenberg

Exhibition  /  11 Apr 2024  -  08 May 2024
Published: 05.04.2024

In her first solo exhibition at PLATINA, Hanna Liljenberg's work is even more curious and mysterious. She portrays nature in complex form, as it should be and as art can describe it.

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Hanna Liljenberg
With a background as a painter, Hanna Liljenberg uses paper or blank metal sheets as a starting point for her artwork. As a jeweler the material demands attention, and she folds it to voluminous ornamentation that adorns the body. The fragile sharpness necessitates adaptation to what you are wearing, thereby enhancing the importance of being present.

For me the forest is a mysterious place filled with both darkness and John Bauer magic - inhabited by plants and creatures living together in symbiosis or the brutal reality of nature. I have a strong fascination for the world of flora much like my fascination for the deep sea. It is a realm beyond my understanding, and I both fear it and yearn for it. My pieces of jewelry attempt to capture my ambiguous feelings into wearable pieces in the shape of leafy growth and creepy little bugs. As a starting point, I use thin steel or brass sheets that I saw in fine formations to be hammered and bent for dimension and body. These folded shapes serve as the foundation for my pieces, which I cover with hundreds of paper parts as well as dried seed cases to evoke a sense of growth and new imaginary qualities. By painting them in many layers, I aim to bring an organic depth and a touch of melancholy and magic into the pieces.
Hanna Liljenberg

Hanna Liljenberg is based in Gothenburg, Sweden. She studied jewelry art at HDK-School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and Hiko Mizuno College of Jewellery in Tokyo. Since 2010, she has been a part of FOUR Gallery and studio in Gothenburg.

Opening: Thursday 11th of April 17.00 - 20.00 h.