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Flow by Anna Norrgrann

Exhibition  /  29 Apr 2016  -  15 May 2016
Published: 27.04.2016

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The first solo exhibition of the Klimt02 Graduate Award Winner 2015 in Italy.

Artist list

Anna Norrgrann
“I’m attracted to the qualities in different kinds of metal that make them perform in various ways, depending on the treatment. I see my work as collaboration between these qualities in the material and my own technical skills. Im searching for the unexpected and aiming to set up a poetic jewellery show speaking to spectators senses rather the to the intellect.” 
In this exhibition Anna Norrgrann will present both works from her newest projectA Flow within and a Flight from a Standard Size and also from the previous and on going project, Impulse Palette.

Anna Norrgrann works and studied in Gothenburg, Sweden and took her master degree in jewellery art at HDK, School of Design and Crafts 2015.


April 29th 2016 from 6.00 pm