FLUX. An exhibition by Birmingham School of Jewellery Artist in Residence

Exhibition  /  29 Apr 2019  -  10 May 2019
Published: 17.04.2019

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The Vittoria Street Gallery is delighted to present Flux, an exhibition showcasing jewellery and artefacts created by the current cohort of Artists in Residence at the School of Jewellery.

Artist list

Rebecka Arnberg, Naomi Clarke, Tilly Cope, Andrew Cowley, Matt Gale, Rosie Groom, Fiona Harris, Mahroz Hekmati, Giles Kozdon, Andy Marriott, Vanessa Miller, Nikki Pugh, Zoe Rogers, Julia Schechner, Timon Tio, Curtis Yin, Sheng Zhang
Flux, in jewellery terms is commonly understood as the substance used in soldering and brazing processes. It is also an appropriate term defining the state of the creative process when ideas seem to be in a state of changeability or fluidity. According to the Oxford English dictionary it is also defined as the action or process of flowing or flowing out, this is an apt reference in relation to these AiRs as recent graduates some are in the process of flowing out into their professional worlds, they are also conduits or the flow of experience back to our students.

Applications are now open:
If you would like to join our School of Jewellery Artist in Residence scheme, applications are now open for 2019 – 2020.


Private view celebration: Thursday 2nd May from 6 - 8 pm.
Naomi Clarke. Brooch: Magnetic Memories, 2019. Enamel, steel.. Naomi Clarke
Brooch: Magnetic Memories, 2019
Enamel, steel.
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Zoe Rogers. Head Piece: Untitled, 2019. Mixed media.. Zoe Rogers
Head Piece: Untitled, 2019
Mixed media.
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