FOTOCOPY Season 03

Exhibition  /  28 Jun 2019  -  28 Aug 2019
Published: 26.06.2019
FOTOCOPY Season 03.
Kellie Riggs, Annika Pettersson, Ashley K. Wahba, Adam Grinovich
Elena Rizzi, Chiaralice Rizzi

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In today’s world of aesthetic URL personas, image saturation and sleeper-cell trends, a “new idea” has literally become a fresher mash-up of two or more things you’ve seen before.

Artist list

Volker Atrops, Ada Chen, Karl Fritsch, Stefan Gougherty, Adam Grinovich, Alex Ju, Ashley K. Wahba, Annika Pettersson, Kellie Riggs, Moniek Schrijer, Katrin Spranger, Georgina Trevino, Julia Walter, Mallory Weston, Margherita de Martino Norante
Copy, make new, copy again to the nth degree. Finding that sweet spot between uniqueness and belonging is a pressurized, nihilistic pursuit. But that doesn’t stop us. When we get it right, it feels good, though maybe too fleetingly. FOTOCOPY makes the case for letting that feeling last. Jewelry, refreshing and familiar, embodies where we think we belong, capturing identity and realness, and our ever-shifting understanding of who we are. Putting on that perfect new ring is IRL self-actualization at work.

After stops in Munich and New York, FOTOCOPY Season 03 hits Venice, Italy with 15 international cult jewelers questioning reference culture, narcissism, authenticity, tropes and throwbacks. We’ll be making zines. We’ll be hawking limited edition jewelry you never knew you needed. See it for real, take it with you, get through the fucking day. It might not be what you expected, or it might be much more - you might not know how you ever lived without it.


28th of June, Friday, 5 pm - 10 pm.
Stefan Gougherty. Necklace: Tab, 2018. Silver. Stefan Gougherty
Necklace: Tab, 2018
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Alex Ju. Earrings: Power, 2018. PLA plastic.. Alex Ju
Earrings: Power, 2018
PLA plastic.
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Ashley K.Wahba. Pendant: Dumb & Cute pendants, 2019. Assorted metals.. Ashley K.Wahba
Pendant: Dumb & Cute pendants, 2019
Assorted metals.
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Annika Pettersson. Bracelet: Macaroni, 2018. Aluminium, silver.. Annika Pettersson
Bracelet: Macaroni, 2018
Aluminium, silver.
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Mallory Weston. Pendant: Rose (bloom in cherry pearl), 2018. Powder coated brass, silver leather.. Mallory Weston
Pendant: Rose (bloom in cherry pearl), 2018
Powder coated brass, silver leather.
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Margherita de Martino Norante. Earrings: Doodle God, 2019. Gold plated silver.. Margherita de Martino Norante
Earrings: Doodle God, 2019
Gold plated silver.
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