Gallery Platina at Frame 2022

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2022  /  06 Jul 2022  -  10 Jul 2022
Published: 19.06.2022
Elin Flognman. Brooch: Potatoe, 2020. Gold plated copper.. 8 x 6 x 5 cm. Photo by: Elin Flognman. Elin Flognman
Brooch: Potatoe, 2020
Gold plated copper.
8 x 6 x 5 cm
Photo by: Elin Flognman
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Gallery PLATINA from Stockholm, Sweden will present art jewellery at FRAME, Handwerk und Design in Munich 2022. The selection contains new works from artists that recently have exhibited in the gallery and will during the year. This year we will also show works from the finalists of the AJF-Art Jewelry Forum artist award.

>> Download the complete official Handwerk & Design 2022 Program including the Munich City Map & Metro Plan.

Gallery PLATINA was established in 1999 to provide an audience the art of jewellery. Since the start, a large number of international jewellery artists have been invited to exhibit in Stockholm. During the years we have been working internationally with artists and clients from all over the world and we have been working outside the gallery as well, with external projects s as exhibitions, popup events, fairs, experimental projects, lectures, education, and seminars, and more.
When the gallery opened to the public, it was awarded with the prize for best interior design by the Swedish design magazine Forum. 2013, 12 years later, Sofia Björkman was awarded by the organisation Svensk Form, for the work she has done with PLATINA.

With selected works by Karin Roy Andersson, Sofia Björkman, Annette Dam, Elin Flognman, Doerte Fuchs, Pierce Healy, Hanna Liljenberg, Claudia Milic´, Julia Maria Künnap, Mari Ishikawa Fumiki Taguchi, Janna Syvänoja, Liana Pattihis, Jorge Manilla, Gustaf Lindblom, Doris Betz, Helena Johansson Lindell, Manon van Kouswijk, Annika Pettersson, Helena Sandström, Catarina Silva, Lauren Tickle, Felieke Van der Leest, Tanel Veenre, Lisa Walker, Julia Walter
Julia Maria Künnap. Earrings: Too hot to think VI, 2021. Nephrite, gold. ø 2.3 cm. Photo by: Julia Maria Künnap. Julia Maria Künnap
Earrings: Too hot to think VI, 2021
Nephrite, gold
ø 2.3 cm
Photo by: Julia Maria Künnap
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Tanel Veenre. Neckpiece: Organ VI Goose, 2021. Ebony, reconstructed onyx, silver.. 40 x 20 x 6 cm. Photo by: Tanel Veenre. Tanel Veenre
Neckpiece: Organ VI Goose, 2021
Ebony, reconstructed onyx, silver.
40 x 20 x 6 cm
Photo by: Tanel Veenre
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