Garbage Pin Project

Exhibition  /  01 Feb 2008  -  25 Sep 2008
Published: 25.03.2008
DEADLINE: 20/05/2008
Garbage pin use.
Garbage pin use

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(...) The proposal consists in asking the carrier to make use of the piece in a conscious manner during 5 consecutive days. Through this period of time, s/he will experiment with it and choose the contents to put on the plastic bags according to her/his perspective and reflections originated by this project. (...)
Garbage Pin is born of a definitely urban concept, the appropriation and reinterpretation of a daily use object: the garbage pin. 

Being one of the most common typologies of urban equipment in the cosmopolitan network, the garbage bag belongs without any doubt to the collective imagery, present in every urbanite life’s day as a reflection of a culture involved with the accelerated and growing consumism, as is ours. 

It is a call to reflect on the current social paradigm that confronts notions such as “waste” and “valuable”, both relative and subjective concepts. It is a call as well for the innumerable problems that derive from a society of consumers; those of environmental and ecologic sort that lead us today to a future break with the current ecosystem. 

This is a project that originates several pieces. It isn’t a unique piece but certainly a production series that prompts work in progress, where the idea of open work is also defended. This way, the pieces only acquire sense when interpreted by the users. The potential users of Garbage Pin are those who inhabit the big cities. 

As a piece of jewelry, it is presented as a pin of reduced dimensions (4,5 x 2 x 3 cm): a metallic silver structure that holds a tiny, transparent plastic bag (the garbage bag). This bag, once full, can be removed, closed with a wire and kept as a outcome of the experience.
The piece is sold as a kit that includes spare plastic bags and wires. 

The choice of materials used (silver and plastic bags), provokes the confrontation of concepts such as value and waste. Silver as a noble metal is opposed to plastic bags, used and discarded in our society in frightening amounts. 

Like so arises a piece that transits between the ‘design object’ and ‘artistic object’ border. That is, starting from a common ground (serial object), different interpretations start being generated and in that sense, each interpretation is considered as the possible result of an artistic intervention. The artistic outcome defended here comes from the different ‘garbage contents’ generated and kept by each person. Each of these bags represents a real moment, the itinerary lived by a subject in a day (or more) and the bag content is the result of a selection, a personal choice. 

Normally we throw to the garbage what we do not want, all what we consider waste in our lives. Like so, the Garbage Pin follows this intention and we can place in it innumerable objects, in parallel to the use we normally give to garbage bins (food waste, a rubber band, a cigarette butt, for example).
However, the Garbage Pin can also be understood as a “reliquary”, where each person can keep small mementoes, symbolic of their day to day, small nothings that remind big moments (a trip ticket with somebody special, a flower, something we have been given, a photograph, a love letter.. etc). Garbage Pin can be understood as a means to throw away all our “interior junk” (fears, nightmares, secrets, lies, feelings of guilt..) through written messages. It can also be lived as a metaphoric vehicle of critic if the user pretends to express an opinion about something that s/he considers contaminates urban society. This way, diverse realities can be referred to through signs or symbols (weapons, money, political signs, sexual abuse, organ theft, cloning, genetic manipulation, transgenic foods, nuclear energy..
etc) or even to something that society does not value but could be preserved (water, threatened animal species, natural landscapes.. etc). In summary, it doesn’t exist a guide of procedures or instructions predetermined for the use of Garbage Pin, each one is free to choose what to place inside of the plastic bag, each individual selects her/his “personal rubbish” and is responsible of it.
Each user presents her/his proposals.

Garbage pin, empty.
Garbage pin, empty

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Garbage pin, full.
Garbage pin, full

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Garbage bag.
Garbage bag

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