Garbage Pin Project:'worth VS waste'

Exhibition  /  16 Dec 2009  -  10 Jan 2010
Published: 15.12.2009

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After the success of Garbage Pin Project at different galleries & art spaces the exhibition come to Barcelona and will be on show at Arts Santa Mònica. Presenting also the catalog edited by Klimt02 Publishers.
Garbage Pin is a device jewel born from a distinctly urban concept of appropriation and reinterpretation of a daily use object: the rubbish bin.
Being of a kind of urban furnishing that exists in big numbers in the cosmopolitan set-up, the waste bin belongs with no doubt to the collective imagery, present in the day to day of any citizen as a reflection of a culture linked to an accelerated and increasing consumption like is ours.
Garbage Pin Project started in January 2008 as a virtual process through the communication established, mainly by email, with the 90 artists that have participated.

The project has been subsidised by the Ministry of Portuguese Culture.