The Genius of Images

Exhibition  /  11 Sep 2018  -  13 Oct 2018
Published: 03.08.2018
Jana Machatova. Brooch: Eine Unaufmersame Schulerin, 2012. Silver, paper in laminated plastic, gold foil, pearls.. Photo by: Jana Machatova. From series: Love is Love. Jana Machatova
Brooch: Eine Unaufmersame Schulerin, 2012
Silver, paper in laminated plastic, gold foil, pearls.
Photo by: Jana Machatova
From series: Love is Love
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Organized by gallery LA Joaillerie par Mazlo and ARKETIP association, le génie des images brings together the works of contemporary art jewelers and the protean universe of artist Coco Fronsac. All of them do share a common practice of assemblage to support their essentially figurative and narrative artistic approach. In this respect, they place the use of photographs or elements borrowed from ancient imagery at the center of their experiments.