Universiteit Stellenbosch University. Degree Show 2014. Gradex ' 14

Exhibition  /  28 Nov 2014  -  10 Dec 2014
Published: 28.11.2014

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Gradex'14 it's an annual exhibition showcasing the graduate work of the students from the Visual Arts Department of Stellenbosch University. Every year it provides a new opportunity to see the new approaches in the artistic field by the young artists.
Gradex is an annual exhibition organised by the graduating students of the Visual Arts Department of Stellenbosch University. It showcases the graduate work from the Fine Arts, Jewellery Design as well as Visual Communication Design disciplines.

The annual event has become a highlight on the university’s calendar, as well as within the broader arts community it is an established platform for launching the creative of tomorrow. As 2014 is the Visual Arts Department’s 50th anniversary, GRADEX’14 also aims to draw attention to this space that has been so pivotal in the development of its students’ creative output.
Simon Barnard. Graphic Design. Gradex 2014. Visual Arts Department..
Simon Barnard. Graphic Design. Gradex 2014. Visual Arts Department.

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Madri van Zyl. Jewellery Design. Gradex 2014. Visual Arts Department..
Madri van Zyl. Jewellery Design. Gradex 2014. Visual Arts Department.

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Uté Francke. Jewellery Design. Gradex 2014. Visual Arts Department..
Uté Francke. Jewellery Design. Gradex 2014. Visual Arts Department.

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