Alchimia 2019 Master & Bachelor.

Graduates of JewelleryDesign Herbststrasse at Vienna Jewellery Days 2018

Exhibition  /  ViennaJewelleryDays  /  06 Nov 2018  -  11 Nov 2018
Published: 16.10.2018
Alexandra Hofer. Body piece: Suderschmuck, 2017. Silver, glass.. Photo by: Alexandra Hofer. Alexandra Hofer
Body piece: Suderschmuck, 2017
Silver, glass.
Photo by: Alexandra Hofer
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 Graduates of the Evening College for Jewellery Design, Herbststrasse presented their work at Vienna Jewellery Days 2018. 

Artist list

Veresa Eybl, Elisabeth Habig, Alexandra Hofer, Verena Krems, Konstanze Prechtl, Anna Riess, Jiayi Zhang
Various approaches to jewellery characterize the work of the graduates of College JewelleryDesign at KunstModeDesign Herbststrasse. Interdisciplinarity and an artistic approach are an integral part of their professional identity. They share an experimental handling as well as the interest in handicraft. Subjects such as Origin, identity and feminism are relevant topics in their work.
Elisabeth Habig. Necklace: The course of time, 2018. 14ct gold, parchment.. 20 x 13 x 3.5cm. Photo by: Elisabeth Habig. Elisabeth Habig
Necklace: The course of time, 2018
14ct gold, parchment.
20 x 13 x 3.5cm
Photo by: Elisabeth Habig
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Verena Krems. Ring: Nipple rings, 2018. Blackened silver.. 5.3 x 5.5cm. Photo by: Verena Krems. Verena Krems
Ring: Nipple rings, 2018
Blackened silver.
5.3 x 5.5cm
Photo by: Verena Krems
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Konstanze Prechtl. Necklace: About Colours, 2018. Printed linen, wood, cotton, color.. 26x 18x8cm. Photo by: Konstanze Prechtl. Konstanze Prechtl
Necklace: About Colours, 2018
Printed linen, wood, cotton, color.
26x 18x8cm
Photo by: Konstanze Prechtl
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Veresa Eybl. Ring: Oh!, 2018. Silver.. 1.5 x 1 x 1.7cm. Photo by: Veresa Eybl. Veresa Eybl
Ring: Oh!, 2018
1.5 x 1 x 1.7cm
Photo by: Veresa Eybl
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Jiayi Zhang. Earrings: Ausbrechen, 2018. Silver, silk scarf, silk thread.. 6x8cm. Awarded at: BVBK award 2018. Jiayi Zhang
Earrings: Ausbrechen, 2018
Silver, silk scarf, silk thread.
Awarded at: BVBK award 2018
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Anna Riess. Arm piece: Fat & wrinkles, 2018. Clay, gold glaze, leather, gold-plated silver, buffalo fat.. 10 x 4cm. Photo by: Anna Riess. From series: Fat sharing. Anna Riess
Arm piece: Fat & wrinkles, 2018
Clay, gold glaze, leather, gold-plated silver, buffalo fat.
10 x 4cm
Photo by: Anna Riess
From series: Fat sharing
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