Guru-lette by Collective Depth

Exhibition  /  04 Jun 2015  -  07 Jun 2015
Published: 20.05.2015
Ronald Lewis Facchinetti

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Collective Depth, a group of artists led by Art Pod curator Ronald Lewis Facchinetti, presents at Art Athina a limited "Greek Edition" of its Guru-lette, a portable oracle.
When reason fails, history is of no guidance, and your consultants are puzzled, to whom are you going to turn for wise advice? To address this problem, Collective Depth, a group of artists led by Art Pod curator Ronald Lewis Facchinetti, created the Guru-lette.
The Guru-lette is a portable oracle. Its instructions, if cryptic, are always meaningful to whomever consults it. How does it work? First, you toss a metal sphere inside the spinning wheel and wait for it to settle on one of its 37 words of wisdom. Words such as “escape” and “forgive”, “fight” or “surrender”. Then, you extract the sphere and carry it with you. The sphere has been designed to fit perfectly inside Optico Art Pod jewel box. A way to treasure the advice on your body so its voice can be heard when it is needed, at the right moment.  The advice is always correct because it speaks the voice of your inner guru.
At Art Athina, the premier Art fair in Greece, Collective Depth presents a limited special “Greek Edition” of its Guru-lette. The spinning wheel includes the term “default” which is very much on everybody's mind these days.
“If Tsipras or Varoufakis pass by the fair stand” says Facchinetti, "we have a couple of Guru-lettes reserved for them, as a gift. A magical device to help them take difficult decisions and guide them through irrational times”.

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Guru-lette, an Art Pod Installation
Ronald Lewis Facchinetti
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