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Hatara Project. Time Perception Vol.4

Exhibition  /  MJW-SchmuckTalente2018  /  07 Mar 2018  -  10 Mar 2018
Published: 09.02.2018

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Hatara Project is back in Munich and returning to Munich Jewelry Week with pieces telling tales of memory and misunderstanding, of crystallized moments and home and the need for simple joys, of the sea and things left at the edge of it.

Artist list

Ginta Grube, Christine Jalio, Malene Kastalje, Helmi Lindblom, Melina Lindroos, Annea Lounatvuori, Wiebke Pandikow, Jelizaveta Suska
Annea Lounatvuori's objects process with what it means to live with a family member that has Alzheimers, expressing deeply humane feelings, confusion and experiences that weave together memories, moments and visual allusions from life and beyond.

Growing up in a bilingual family with two nationalities and attending the German school in her childhood, Christine Jalio grew up with a very international and less Finnish identity. Now she has found her way back to her Finnish roots and `paints a picture` of what her grandparents country looks, is and feels like to her.

Ginta Grube continues her theme "Home" also in 2018, at the same time showing various interpretations of time perception in the context of her current work.

Jelizaveta Suska creates metaphors for when a moment becomes a memory in her pieces made from polymers and crushed marble, each a small world in itself.

After a year filled with loud cries of sadness and happiness, play and children’s toys in rainbow colors Helmi Lindblom feels like her mindset is knitted to pale colors, whispers and fragile esthetics. She thought she´d never been bold enough to use shells in her work, but this came to change after a grown need for poetry.

In her series “Portraits”, in brooches made of silk, Melina Lindroos plays with the metaphor that people are like oceans. She celebrates the deep seas, bringing the unknown to the surface in a personification to make it more of a friendly instead of a scary thing.

Wiebke Pandikow, in turn, looks at the beaches at the edge of the sea, examining with her “Plastiglomerates” human artefacts that have become part of the environment, pieces of evidence of our consumerist behaviour.

Malene Kastalje is an abstract explorer of the contrasting emotions and elements building life. In the series of brooches and neckpieces in silicone, “The Swollen Part”, she approaches the foreign by moving between repulsive and attractive, touching the uncomfortable and imperfect, as well as triggering a feeling of preciousness.


Thursday 8th and Friday 9th of March from 10.00 to 19.00.
Saturday 10th of March from 11.00 to 17.00.


Wednesday, 7th of March, 2018, from 19.00 to 22.00 h.
Ginta Grube. Necklace: Heartshape, 2017. Ginta Grube
Necklace: Heartshape, 2017
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Christine Jalio. Brooch: Home and Identity, 2018. Christine Jalio
Brooch: Home and Identity, 2018
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Helmi Lindblom. Brooch: Cloudberries, 2017. Helmi Lindblom
Brooch: Cloudberries, 2017
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Melina Lindroos. Photograph: Untitled, 2018. Melina Lindroos
Photograph: Untitled, 2018
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Annea Lounatvuori. Brooch: Lintukoto, 2017. Annea Lounatvuori
Brooch: Lintukoto, 2017
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Jelizaveta Suska. Brooch: Frozen Dream, 2017. Jelizaveta Suska
Brooch: Frozen Dream, 2017
© By the author. Read Copyright.
Wiebke Pandikow. Necklace: Absence, 2017. Recycled plastic bags, driftwood, raw garnet.. Wiebke Pandikow
Necklace: Absence, 2017
Recycled plastic bags, driftwood, raw garnet.
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Malene Kastalje. Brooch: The Swollen Part, 2017. Malene Kastalje
Brooch: The Swollen Part, 2017
© By the author. Read Copyright.