Hervée Darmont, Federica Richiardone: An Ordinary Day of...

Exhibition  /  26 Jul 2013  -  07 Sep 2013
Published: 23.07.2013
Beyond Fashion
Pourbusstraat 7
2000 -  Antwerp
Hervée Darmont. Necklace: Transformation. Paint, silver. 55 x 2 x 1.2 cm. Hervée, DarmontNecklace: TransformationPaint, silver55 x 2 x 1.2 cm. Hervée Darmont
Necklace: Transformation
Paint, silver
55 x 2 x 1.2 cm

Hervée, Darmont
Necklace: Transformation
Paint, silver
55 x 2 x 1.2 cm

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Shiny little organic blobs of spongy material and 2D paint transformed into 3D rubber necklaces. Welcome to An Ordinary Day with Hervée Darmont and Federica Richiardone.

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Hervée Darmont, Federica Richiardone
An Ordinary Day of Mistakes by Federica Richiardone

I define myself as an inconsolable glutton, who could live in a marzipan house like the witch of  Hansel and Gretel, but probably soon find herself homeless and diabetic after chomping on the chocolate walls and the whipped cream roof. As a consequence, I’ve always been attracted by organic shapes that resemble food and in particular sweets. Therefore, when by chance I found the first piece of polyurethane foam - the one used in building construction to isolate windows -  I was immediately drawn by the melting appearance and the lightness of the material, resembling a cupcake frosting. Once I discovered that those shiny little organic blobs of spongy material were actually the consequence of a mistake and the inexperience of a carpenter, I was even more fascinated by the idea that someone could create beauty unintentionally and discard it as an error.
I started re-creating the same error and, although those shapes are smooth and simple, the process is far from easy. Polyurethane reacts differently according to the room temperature, the space and the humidity in the air. The colder the better, but it’s not always winter outside and soon I found out that patience is the key ingredient for the perfect blob.

- Federica Richiardone

An Ordinary Day of Transformation by Hervee Darmont

Transformation, movement, evolution and things that keep changing are topics of great interest to me. These jewellery pieces started out with an impulsive idea while I was painting. When paint is drying it turns into some sort of rubber. 
I started experimenting with this material and realized that when you make a 3D piece from 2D dried paint it transforms again drastically. This double transformation turns out to be much stronger than when using materials such as silver and brass. A second look at the jewels makes you realize that the pieces are very different from when you observed them at first sight, both in expression and sensitivity!

- Hervée Darmont


Welcome to the opening of the duo expo in presence of the artists Friday evening  July 26, 6pm - 10pm.

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Hervée Darmont
At High School she followed a lot of artistic courses, which she really liked, and in her free time contemporary ballet, playing piano and singing were her favourites. She has always been looking at the behaviour of people and wanted to learn the reasons behind their actions.  So her biggest interest was psychology. Right after High School, in 2009 she started to study psychology but after one year it was clear that she needed to do something else first.  So she decided to study jewellery at St Lucas University and maybe continue with psychology later on. Looking back it turned out to be interesting for her because she learned a lot about conceptual jewellery and design but also about herself. Last year she went to Sweden as an exchange student at HDK in Gothenburg which was a good way to learn new techniques and different ways of looking at jewellery. It became clear that not only jewellery but ‘the idea behind it’ is what interests her; why do people wear jewellery, which sentimental memories are attached to it etc… She graduated in June 2013 with a research project about this topic which she will hopefully continue with next year as she plans to start an additional study of cultural agogics at the University of Brussels.

Federica Richiardone
Born and raised in a small town in the Italian Alps, and following the completion of her studies in foreign languages, in 2002, Federica moved to Finnish Lapland to teach in a (very) remote village on the border with Sweden. Having acquired a taste for Scandinavian design and simple but beautiful things in general, she decided to study art and design at the Free University of Bolzano in Italy. Here, she was given the chance to participate in the student exchange program organized by the  International Institute of Information Design and spent six months at the Columbia College in Chicago to study information and graphic design. In 2006, together with Angelo Superti, Federica co-founded Polkadot (, an online magazine about design, art and modern culture with readers from all over the world and a network of international collaborators, contacts and partnerships with brands, cultural organizations and artists from abroad. In November 2010, Polkadot was awarded with the Free Mobile Award for Best Professional Site. Having always being fascinated by the Far East, Federica  moved to Osaka, Japan, where she spent three years teaching and working as a free-lance graphic designer, specializing in packaging and publication design. In 2009, Federica returned to Europe and settled in Brussels, where she is currently studying jewelry at the RHoK Academie with Prof. Max Gielis.
Federica Richiardone. Necklace: Blob N° 2. PU foam, paint, leather, oxidised silver. 70 cm (double sizes) pendant: 12 x 10 x 6 cm. Federica, RichiardoneNecklace: Blob N° 2PU foam, paint, leather, oxidised silver70 cm (double sizes) pendant: 12 x 10 x 6 cm. Federica Richiardone
Necklace: Blob N° 2
PU foam, paint, leather, oxidised silver
70 cm (double sizes) pendant: 12 x 10 x 6 cm

Federica, Richiardone
Necklace: Blob N° 2
PU foam, paint, leather, oxidised silver
70 cm (double sizes) pendant: 12 x 10 x 6 cm

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