Highlighting Harris Deller: Delicate and Powerful Fine Art is Made from the Hand to the Heart

Exhibition  /  18 Sep 2020
Published: 18.09.2020
Harris Deller. Sculpture: Supressed Volume Series I, 2020. Porcelain. 30.48 x 7.6 x 48.9 cm. Photo by: Patina Gallery. Harris Deller
Sculpture: Supressed Volume Series I, 2020
30.48 x 7.6 x 48.9 cm
Photo by: Patina Gallery
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Patina Gallery is pleased to share the fine clay sculpture of Harris Deller. The artist creates an abstract vocabulary from tactile and visual expressions while exploring space and volume in clay sculptures. Patina introduces his Suppressed Volume Series I. Amassed in this delicate, yet bold tower of beauty, Deller satiates the soul as he composes an unparalleled, powerful and alluring work from the hand to the heart.