Honey Me

Exhibition  /  04 Jul 2020  -  31 Aug 2020
Published: 03.07.2020
Nikolay Sardamov. Object: Intersections, 2020. Blackened silver, pearls.. Photo by: Vencislava Vasileva. Nikolay Sardamov
Object: Intersections, 2020
Blackened silver, pearls.
Photo by: Vencislava Vasileva
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HONEY ME is an exhibition organised by Artecetera, supported by and hosted in the venue of Atelier Lachaert Dhanis. Around honey as the golden-yellow, tongue-caressing 'sweetener'. About apiculture and Anthophilia, freely translated into 'flower worshipper’, along with the miraculous, ingenious honeycomb, which is both nursery and storage; to the fragility of existence and the worrying bee mortality. Fascinating artworks and groundbreaking objects and jewellery balancing between contemporary cross-over art and craft.