In Hot Water

Exhibition  /  25 May 2017  -  27 May 2017
Published: 17.05.2017
Karin Roy Andersson. Hanna Liljenberg. Necklace: Vengsøya, 2017. Recycled plastics, paper, tread, silver.. On model.. Karin Roy Andersson
Hanna Liljenberg
Necklace: Vengsøya, 2017
Recycled plastics, paper, tread, silver.
On model.

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This show consists of three different collaborations; one between Lauren Tickle-Tietje and Kevin Hughes, happening over a long period of  time, built on an exchange of ideas and objects, one that has been very  close and intense and where Hanna Liljenberg and Karin Roy Andersson have created pieces by mixing  “their” materials, techniques and ideas, and finally one where the four artists, with help from family and friends, are making the actual  exhibition.