I Quite Like That by Karl Fritsch

Exhibition  /  11 Mar 2014  -  12 Apr 2014
Published: 11.03.2014
viceversa bijoux contemporains
Christian Balmer and Ilona Schwippel

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Karl Fritsch presents his third exhibition at Viceversa. He will be present at the opening on 11th March. Come and share the discovery of these delights.

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Karl Fritsch
There is always a reason to make a ring but I can also make a ring without a reason, I can make a ring without having an idea. I can have the same ring idea twice but it will be a different ring. I am always curious about the next ring, a ring is like a chair, rings like company.

Established in Wellington, New Zealand for some years now, Karl Fritsch constantly reinvents himself, refining his poetry, sharpening his critical thinking and affirming his expressiveness.