Ikki: A Self-Portrait

Exhibition  /  30 Jun 2023  -  19 Jul 2023
Published: 17.07.2023

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Over the years, Chinese jewelry artist Ikki Mao has developed his own artistic expression in the form of insects. The state of mimicry was something that he found particularly fascinating and thought-provoking. Just like mimicry, a person's behaviour differs according to the surrounding, which is a pro-active way of dealing with crisis.

Artist list

Ikki Mao
At the age of 18, Ikki went to Hiko-Mizuno College of Jewelry in Japan to study fine jewellery. His path to jewellery extended from Japan to Italy, where he continued his exploration in Alchimia Contemporary Jewellry School. Now Ikki has returned to make works in his homeland, China.
This solo exhibition in China displays Ikki’s insect themed works, which are a connotation of identity, a form of self-portraits and a self-speculation. The exhibition gives viewer a chance to take part to the exhibition and it's works in the form of conversing, selecting and wearing.

Opening Hours:
Daily 12 pm.– 9 pm.
Closed on Tuesday