Im FoCus: Gabi Veit

Exhibition  /  01 Jun 2024  -  06 Jul 2024
Published: 24.05.2024
Gabi Veit. Spoon: Creatura, 2022. Silver. Photo by: Dietlind Wolf. Gabi Veit
Spoon: Creatura, 2022
Photo by: Dietlind Wolf
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Each piece of Gabi Veit is unique, and the imaginative variety of shapes continues to grow and develop in a constant flow under her hands. Meanwhile, her spoons have become collectables with addictive potential. Collectibles that are allowed to change through use, become even more beautiful in the process. This too is unique.

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Gabi Veit
Gabi Veit was born in Bolzano, studied graphics in Innsbruck and Venice, co-founded the small theater Carambolage in Bolzano, and – as if that were not enough for an exciting and fulfilling life – studied contemporary jewelry design at Alchimia in Florence from 2008 to 2011. Even during her studies, wax was one of her preferred working materials; metal interests Gabi Veit only as a result, Wax is uncomplicated, I don't need a large workshop for it, and if necessary, I can also work in the kitchen (Gabi Veit). Even today, she prefers to model her magnificent forms directly with her hands in soft, pliable wax. She leaves the traces of the development process visible even after casting the model in metal – preferably silver. The imprints of her fingers form a lively and natural structure on her objects. This gives her pieces a wonderfully perfectly imperfect charm and makes them authentic and unmistakable. Gabi Veit practically grew up in a huge garden. Her parents had a nursery in Bolzano, and her love of nature is still palpable and visible in all her works today. Her enchanting pieces appear like an independent species, constantly growing and joyfully evolving.

I make spoons that are jewelry
/Gabi Veit

When Gabi Veit returned from a trip to South America and showed her treasures to a friend, she was surprised that her friend referred to the seven spoons she had brought back as a collection. Sometime later, during a jewelry workshop in Florence on the theme of "impossible spoons," Gabi Veit started making spoons herself. How right her friend was. Gabi Veit had caught spoon fever. This marked the beginning of a passionate relationship that continues to this day. Gabi Veit collects spoons from all over the world. But most importantly, Gabi Veit creates spoons! Large, small, lavish, primitive, impossible, magical, quirky, thorny, nourishing, archaic, permeable... Her shapes provoke, intrigue, and stretch the imagination and comfort zone. Using them alters our sensory perceptions and eating habits. A spoon is not just a spoon. And no one interprets and makes spoons like Gabi Veit: Every idea is preceded by extensive research and deep curiosity. At a certain point, however, the things shape themselves. No spoon is made twice.

In 2017, the Steinbeisser project invited guests to experimental gastronomy at the Pavilion of the Rietberg Museum in Zurich. The culinary event was enjoyed, among other things, with the quirky spoons of Gabi Veit. A customer who attended the meal later told me with great enthusiasm that the spoons had forced a change in eating habits and completely stimulated the senses anew. When normal spoons were served for dessert, everyone found it very, very boring and desperately wanted Gabi Veit's Impossible spoons back.

/Bruna Hauert

Opening: Saturday, June 1 from 12.00 h. 
We cordially invite you to the vernissage on Saturday, June 1 from 12.00 to toast with Gabi Veit and us.

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