Infantile Beach by Florian Milker and Benedikt Fischer

Exhibition  /  21 Apr 2018  -  19 May 2018
Published: 16.04.2018

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Two jewellery artists whose craft unveils a universe of playfulness which leads us at the same time to questioning the jewel itself as an analogy of a child’s play, the act of gathering, collecting, selecting and transforming. 

Artist list

Benedikt Fischer, Florian Milker
Two main approaches are evident in each author, one tending to be more cerebral and the other demonstrating an apparently more immediate plasticity.

The Austrian artist Benedikt Fisher shows an ensemble of pieces based on the construction of a complex narrative around the objects and their own symbolic character, animating shells, endowing them with their own personality, an attitude that seems to revert to the infantile and poetic imagery.
The German artist Florian Milker, in turn, aims with his approach to choose objects for the symbolism they already contain and in which the status of jewel seems to exist even before the author’s action.
We can then understand that, although within the same thematic universe, one (of them) searches the intrinsic symbolism in the objects while the other impresses the symbolic character onto the chosen object. In this way, Benedikt Fisher and Florian Milker invite us to revisit a more innocent and infantile facet, in a game of apparently recognizable shapes that resonate within each one of us, proving one more time the importance of contemporary jewellery in which these two artists stand out.
Benedikt Fischer. Brooch: Pearly white, 2017. Shell, mother of pearl, remanium and sculpey.. Benedikt Fischer
Brooch: Pearly white, 2017
Shell, mother of pearl, remanium and sculpey.
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Florian Milker. Brooch: P_2, 2017. Stainless Steel.. Florian Milker
Brooch: P_2, 2017
Stainless Steel.
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