Invisible Thread. Tomorrow is Another Day

Exhibition  /  20 Jul 2024  -  04 Aug 2024
Published: 08.07.2024

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Feb Gallery Tokyo is pleased to present Invisible Thread - Tomorrow is Another Day, a group exhibition of works inspired by Rui Minewaki's Senryu poetry. 

Artist list

Anna Fujii, Sugawara Fumiha, Mari Ishikawa, Mikiko Minewaki, Rui Minewaki, YUKEY, Sayumi Yokouchi, ruteN
13.00 - 20.00 pm 
Closed on Mon & Tue

Invisible Threads started as a contemporary jewelry exhibition of three artists, Mari Ishikawa, Mikiko Minewaki, and Sayumi Yokouchi, and has been presented around the world, including Munich and New York. This is their fifth but first time in Tokyo, Japan.

In addition to jewelry artists, this exhibition features painters, ruteN and YUKEY, video artist, Anna Fujii, and Karakami printmaking artist, Fumiha Sugawara. There are brand new works by those artists as well as archived poetries and jewelry.

The keywords for this time’s poetry are bamboo-copter / wind / guide / tomorrow. Senryu evokes rich images within the five-seven-five syllabary. Through this minimalist literary medium, various expressions intertwine and thread around together.

All the artworks are available for purchase.