L'Invitation de Victor H.

Exhibition  /  10 Nov 2019  -  15 Mar 2020
Published: 15.11.2019

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A creative interlude outside the boundaries of time, a dialogue between Belgium's architectural heritage and contemporary art and design, the fruit of a moment spent with Victor Horta.

Artist list

Myriam A. Goulet, Brigitte Arbelot, Isabelle Azaïs, Isabelle Carpentier, Valérie Ceulemans, Frédérique Coomans, Clémentine Correzzola, Catherine Delbruyère, Francine Delmotte, Chantal Delporte, Marta Dobrynina, Mathilde D’hooge, Isabelle Francis, Elisa Gonzalez, Dolorès Gossye, Isabelle Grevisse, Maria Fernanda Guzman, Delphine Joly, Jeounghee Kim, Coryse Kiriluk, LOrka, Amandine Lamand, Claire Lavendhomme, Thérèse Lebrun, Marie-Agnès Marlair, Anne-Sophie Muller, Chloé Noyon, Bettina Philippo, Romina Remmo, Hélène Rivière, Lou Sautreau, Dominique Thomas, Anne-Marie Trignon, Diederick Van Hövell, Nelly Van Oost, Monique Voz, Fabienne Withofs, Hélène de Gottal, Aurore de Heusch, Sara Júdice de Menezes
How to be inspired by Victor Horta without doing a Horta? The artists of BeCraft take a contemporary look at the great work of the Belgian architect who was a driving force in one of the most important trends of modern art. His home and studio, both shrines to Art Nouveau at its peak, still house a large part of his work. They contain plenty to impress but also inspire contemporary artists; by working in Horta’s footsteps, they also symbolically become part of history.

It is no easy matter to embrace such an impressive, almost sacred, body of work. Yet Victor Horta has invited the artists of BeCraft to do just that, as part of a unique cooperation project.

This project in cooperation with the Horta Museum follows on from an initiative started by BeCraft in 2015. For the third time, the non-profit association will work with a major museum on a project based on the following concept: The artists belonging to the association will take their inspiration from the collections of a museum to create some original contemporary work. The main goals are to encourage the sharing of knowledge in the field of Art and Design and to raise general awareness of current artistic professions and their artistic and social impact. The first to engage in this concept was the Photography Museum in Charleroi and the experience was repeated in 2017 with La Piscine in Roubaix.


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Diederick Van Hovell. Brooch: Une broche volubile, 2019. Waxed brass, wisteria pods, steel.. 10 x 8 x 1 cm. Photo by: Arthur Ancion. Diederick Van Hovell
Brooch: Une broche volubile, 2019
Waxed brass, wisteria pods, steel.
10 x 8 x 1 cm
Photo by: Arthur Ancion
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Myriam A. Goulet. Sculpture: Combini Architecture, 2019. Stoneware. wood firing.. 20 x 20 x 25 cm. From series: Combini Architecture. Myriam A. Goulet
Sculpture: Combini Architecture, 2019
Stoneware. wood firing.
20 x 20 x 25 cm
From series: Combini Architecture
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Hélène Rivière. Sculpture: Jardin d’Hiver, 2019. Porcelain. 34 x 10 cm. Firing 1280°. Hélène Rivière
Sculpture: Jardin d’Hiver, 2019
34 x 10 cm
Firing 1280°

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Claire Lavendhomme. Pendant: Recto-Verso, 2019. Resin, image transfer, tombak.. 10 x 5 x 1 cm. Claire Lavendhomme
Pendant: Recto-Verso, 2019
Resin, image transfer, tombak.
10 x 5 x 1 cm
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Chantal Delporte. Sculpture: Confrontation ?, 2019. Crystal, pigment.. 40 x 25 x 30 cm. Chantal Delporte
Sculpture: Confrontation ?, 2019
Crystal, pigment.
40 x 25 x 30 cm
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Romina Remmo. Installation: Horta et moi, dentelle confidentielle, 2019. Marble, wood, 3D plastic pen lace.. 23 x 155 cm. Romina Remmo
Installation: Horta et moi, dentelle confidentielle, 2019
Marble, wood, 3D plastic pen lace.
23 x 155 cm
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