Iron(y) - Jewellery by Sophie Hanagarth

Exhibition  /  01 Nov 2015  -  17 Jan 2016
Published: 23.11.2015

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Bracelets shaped like both a mouth and a trap, rings with sensual lips looking to make contact, recognisable male attributes on a chain, faeces-shaped medallions, rings with bullets and entangled tongues. Hanagarth is a Swiss jewellery designer whose work plays with conventions, the rigidity of thought, and the difficulty of being open to something that deviates from the norm. Under the heading jewel, Hanagarth makes hidden parts of the body, often regarded as embarrassing or awkward, visible on the outside. By doing so, she plays with values on the basis of which we decide what is worth displaying and what should remain in shadow, silent, discrete and private.