It greens. Galerie Handwerk reopens with new exhibition

Exhibition  /  18 Jun 2020  -  18 Aug 2020
Published: 08.06.2020
Maarten Vrolijk. Object: Sakura TRP 19014, 2020. Glass. 43 x 37 x 36 cm. Photo by: Maarten Vrolijk. Maarten Vrolijk
Object: Sakura TRP 19014, 2020
43 x 37 x 36 cm
Photo by: Maarten Vrolijk
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After several weeks of closure, the Handwerk gallery will reopen with a new exhibition on June, 18th. The exposition "it greens" shows the importance of color as one of the central means in design. Where does the green come from? The exhibition answers this question using many objects made of glass, ceramics, jewelry, textiles, metal and paper. 50 applied artists are exhibiting their work in Galerie Handwerk.