IWA: New Zealand makers at Frame 2018

Exhibition  /  MunichJewelleryWeek2018  /  07 Mar 2018  -  13 Mar 2018
Published: 26.02.2018
IWA: New Zealand makers at Frame 2018.
Internationale Handwerkmesse Munich
Peter Deckers
Wolfgang Lösche
Shelley Norton. Brooch: Nest of Brooch, 2017. Plastic, Sterling silver.. Shelley Norton
Brooch: Nest of Brooch, 2017
Plastic, Sterling silver.
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The special display entitled "FRAME" is where renowned international galleries present themselves with works in the fields of jewellery, ceramics and textiles. Located in the direct vicinity of the special exhibitions, the presence of the special display areas further enhances the profile of the Handwerk & Design.

Artist list

Vanessa Arthur, Jane Dodd, Warwick Freeman, Karl Fritsch, Shelley Norton, Alan Preston, Moniek Schrijer, Joe Sheehan, Lisa Walker
Iwa is an exhibition of nine featured perspectives in contemporary jewellery spanning four decades of local practice in Aotearoa New Zealand, featuring Alan Preston, Vanessa Arthur, Jane Dodd, Moniek Schrijer, Lisa Walker, Joe Sheehan, Warwick Freeman, Shelley Norton and Karl Fritsch. Brought together for Munich Jewellery Week, these practices articulate a relationship to one another as tributaries to a larger, transforming field of practice, each charting their own path through distinct relationships with narrative, materiality, history and geographic location.
Drawing these diverse views and approaches to our material landscape into conversation is emblematic of the complexity and rigour of current jewellery practice in New Zealand. It is a hand full of threads, rather than a single common theme, and an introduction to a wider intergenerational artistic conversation.

‘I see parallels in my approach to jewellery and the growth of the Rata tree.  These trees start life as an epiphyte in the branches of another tree.  As it grows the epiphyte rata sends roots down to the ground.’ Karl Fritsch 
Warwick Freeman. Brooch: Scallop Blossom, 1994. Scallop shell, gold, oxidised silver.. Warwick Freeman
Brooch: Scallop Blossom, 1994
Scallop shell, gold, oxidised silver.
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Lisa Walker. Pendant: Pendant, 2017. Plastic, lacquer, thread.. 9.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm. Lisa Walker
Pendant: Pendant, 2017
Plastic, lacquer, thread.
9.5 x 9.5 x 9.5 cm
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Karl Fritsch. Ring: Ring, 2017. Silver, ruby.. Karl Fritsch
Ring: Ring, 2017
Silver, ruby.
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Moniek Schrijer. Necklace: Bananas, 2016. Porcelain, silver.. Moniek Schrijer
Necklace: Bananas, 2016
Porcelain, silver.
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Vanessa Arthur. Set: Common era, wet cement vessel and signet ring, 2017. Concrete, bronze, silver.. Vanessa Arthur
Set: Common era, wet cement vessel and signet ring, 2017
Concrete, bronze, silver.
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Jo Sheehan. Object: Big Rock, 2017. Basalt, Sth Island, NZ.. Jo Sheehan
Object: Big Rock, 2017
Basalt, Sth Island, NZ.
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Jane Dodd. Pendant: Wing, 2016. Recycled wood, sterling silver.. Jane Dodd
Pendant: Wing, 2016
Recycled wood, sterling silver.
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Allan Preston. Necklace: Ulabanana Necklace 2, 2017. Banana seeds, Vau, Paint.. Allan Preston
Necklace: Ulabanana Necklace 2, 2017
Banana seeds, Vau, Paint.
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