Jaune Citron

Exhibition  /  17 Apr 2015  -  10 May 2015
Published: 29.03.2015
Jaune Citron.
Patina Gallery
Ivan Barnett, Allison Buchsbaum Barnett

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Eight color-inspired exhibitions throughout 2015 will bring the natural world to striking, lustrous, Soul-Stirring life. In April 2015 yellow lights up Patina!
"I dream my painting and I paint my dreams."
-Vicent Van Gogh

In Arles, Frances, in late August 1887, Vincent Van Gogh began a series of 12 sunflower paintings. Over the course of only 6 days, what he captured on his canvases changed the art world-and perhaps the entire world. He celebrated yellow as no one had before, and as Modigliani, Dali, Mondrian, and countless others did after him.
Just as the sun inspires sunflowers to follow its journey across the sky, yellow has inspired Ivan and Allison Barnett to curate an exhibition of yellow as part of Patina Gallery's "Year of Couleur." They selected a unique collection of jewels, paintings, earthenware, and "up-cycled" functional art. All with the stunning brilliance of yellow.