Jens-Rüdiger Lorenzen: Jewellery Sculptures 1970-2011

Exhibition  /  JensRudigerLorenzen  /  24 Mar 2012  -  05 May 2012
Published: 05.03.2012
Jens-Rüdiger Lorenzen. Brooch: Untitled. Steel, parchment, gilded silver. Jens-Rüdiger, LorenzenBroochSteel, parchment, gilded silver. Jens-Rüdiger Lorenzen
Brooch: Untitled
Steel, parchment, gilded silver

Jens-Rüdiger, Lorenzen
Steel, parchment, gilded silver

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Jens-Rüdiger Lorenzen was one of the pioneers of a modern understanding of jewellery in the late 1960s. Galerie Pilartz now show new works and some of his pieces from the 70s and 90s.