A Jewel for... Carin E. M. Reinders

Exhibition  /  23 Feb 2019
Published: 19.02.2019
Earrings by: Julia Mercier
. Necklace by: Fien Verbeke
. Photo by: Elyane Van Coillie.
Earrings by: Julia Mercier
Necklace by: Fien Verbeke
Photo by: Elyane Van Coillie

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Students of the 2nd and 3rd Bachelor course at the Jewellery Design, Gold and Silversmithing department of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp are asked to design for celebreties in or outside of the jewellery industry. This year Carin E.M. Reinders, director of the CODA museum in Apeldoorn, was invited to be the muse for the 7th annual jewellery project.

Artist list

Shitika Agrawal, Shenglin Cheng, Yuyeong Choi, Adelina Cioanca, Suzan Faili, Nina Faivre, Julio Garcia Rubio, Maria Gulavskaya, Jade Houben, Katla Karlsdottir, Liuhong Li, Julia Mercier, Valeria Naumova, Gille Peeters, Hanne Schonkeren, Yueun Shin, Valeriya Treyger, Fien Verbeke
Since my early childhood dressing up was a favourite game… Hats, high heels and interesting items around my neck, my fingers and wrists… Being an actress felt like a wonderful dream for my future, or maybe being a famous cello-player, but than all the objects on my body would distract me. So, for quite a while I felt uncertain about what to do after high school.

During my art history and archaeology studies in
Utrecht it seemed like education would be my goal, but the museum world invited me to enter, and that was serious business. The only ‘decoration’ were the hats that accompanied me in the first few decades. My professional focus also became a way of life.

During my years at the Textile Museum in Tilburg I liked to dress up
as a fashionista, and afterwards at CODA my focus turned towards contemporary jewellery. I wanted to be a true ambassador for jewellery design because this field is unknown to the general public.
I was
honoured and thrilled to respond to the invitation of an Academic project by the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. Students were asked to design and produce jewellery for me and for my self-chosen alter-ego Karin Bloemen. The students were challenged to design either for me as the serious and professional museum director or for the great performer and playful entertainer Karin Bloemen, who likes to be on stage with overwhelming costume jewellery. Two different worlds coming together, and some students made a piece to combine the two personalities, trying to build a bridge between them and that moved me.

The interaction between the two commissioners (combined in one person) and the students was very inspiring and interesting. The results are unexpected, and I was impressed by how the students made great efforts to investigate their ‘clients’.

In my
opinion the maker, the artist, must always have the final decision. The client can express a few wishes, but autonomy is what I really cherish, and it is a great experience for students to design a piece of jewellery for a specific person and to have contact with this client. It adds another dimension to the working process, which is also the added value of this project.

It was interesting, but also great fun to transform
myself into the extravert Karin Bloemen and the students did a great job. Together with their teachers they discussed the artistic and economic perspectives of being a jeweller.

The impressive photography of Elyane Van Coillie turned this project into an unforgettable experience. So much dedication, passion, and creativity kissed my alter-ego and
myself alive. Thank you all!
/ Carin E. M. Reinders

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Yueun Shin. Necklace: Untitled, 2019. Photo by: Elyane Van Coillie. Yueun Shin
Necklace: Untitled, 2019
Photo by: Elyane Van Coillie
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