Jewelry Links in Barcelona

Exhibition  /  Joya2019  /  08 Oct 2019  -  13 Oct 2019
Published: 13.09.2019

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The Contemporary Jewelry Collective "Jewelry Links" brings together 13 jewelry artists from Turkey with the aim to show stylistically and technically idiosyncratic work by jewelry artists from different generations and different backgrounds.

Artist list

Senay Akin, Hakan Aktug, Burcu Buyukunal, Ela Cindoruk, Gozde Erdogan, Gulnur Ozdaglar, Selen Ozus, Nazan Pak, Burcu Sulek, Leyla Taranto, Aisegul Telli
A selection of work designed from unconventional materials such as synthetic sponge, porcelain, wood, plastic, silicone and polyurethane, as well as from typically precious materials allows a short look at the current tendencies of the Turkish art jewelry scene.

It also shows common patterns and themes between different artists such as strong chromatic expressions present in the work of 13 jewelry artists.


08 -13 October 10:00 - 14:00 / 16:00 - 22:00.


08 October, Tuesday, 20:00.
Ela Cindoruk. Brooch: Yaz, 2015. Dried Orchids, electroformed copper and silver, paint.. Ela Cindoruk
Brooch: Yaz, 2015
Dried Orchids, electroformed copper and silver, paint.
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Aisegul Telli. Brooch: Zoa Flora, 2018. Brass, iron, silver, steel, paint.. Aisegul Telli
Brooch: Zoa Flora, 2018
Brass, iron, silver, steel, paint.
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