Joe Hogan: Vessels

Exhibition  /  18 Sep 2010  -  20 Oct 2010
Published: 23.10.2010

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You are warmly invited to Nes for the festive opening by Liesbeth den Besten of Galerie Ra’s new space and its two opening exhibitions, Noon Passama: Jewellery and Joe Hogan: Vessels.

Artist list

Joe Hogan
Joe Hogan lives and works in rural Ireland where he weaves baskets from local materials. He is the author of ‘Basketmaking in Ireland’ (Wordwell, 2001), a standard work in the field. I became acquainted with his work at London’s Collect 2010 and was immediately captivated. As well as making exquisite traditional and functional baskets, he also makes experimental and sculptural pieces, in which, for instance, gnarled branches or pieces of bark are woven into a form. I very much love showing work at Ra in which tradition and innovation come together and reinforce each other. Joe Hogan’s baskets are an excellent example! 

Paul Derrez
display of the exhibition at the new Galerie Ra.
display of the exhibition at the new Galerie Ra

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