Just Art! Beyond Borders

Exhibition  /  08 Dec 2023  -  21 Dec 2023
Published: 20.11.2023
Just Art! Beyond Borders.
Platform-L Contemporary Art Center
Hae Won Koo

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The dictionary defines crafts as an Art form that aims to enhance the original value of practical objects by imparting decorative value, in other words, creating household items that are both beautiful and functional for everyday life.

Artist list

Joohyun Bae, Woosun Cheon, Minyeol Cho, Sungho Cho, BecK Han, Sangdeok Han, Ryungjae Jung, Junsu Kim, Kyeok Kim, Sooyeon Kim, Yong Joo Kim, Hyejeong Ko, Jaiik Lee, Namkyung Lee, William Lee, Youjin Lee, Hwajin Oh, Jieun Park, Joo Hyung Park, Kyoungyoon Park, Sungyoul Park, Healim Shin, JaKyung Shin, Seung Wook Sim, Soonran Youn
However, in the modern era, the distinctions between craft, design, and fine art have become increasingly blurred. Crafts, once emphasizing utility, are now being reexamined from multiple perspectives, including their artistic value.

For example, there was already the Art and Craft movement in Western countries, and a flow of contemporary art jewelry of various styles started in the mid-20th century. Nevertheless, even until today, we grapple with the challenge of rigidly differentiating craft from art and downgrading craft to a lower status. The exhibition, titled Just Art! : Beyond Borders, was curated to spotlight the artistic merit of both artists and their creations, aiming to dismantle stereotypes associated with superficial genre classifications.

Contemporary artists no longer depend solely on adept manual skills or fixate on specific techniques in craft works. They liberally incorporate abstract concepts into their creative processes, delve into the physical properties of materials, and uncover the essence of beauty within them. This transformation elevates their work into art that encapsulates philosophy and aesthetic experimentation.

In this exhibition, a total of 25 artists will showcase over 150 artworks. All participating artists present a diverse range of contemporary art jewelry and various art forms such as objets, paintings and installation works. By transcending the dichotomy between jewelry works and non-jewelry work, the exhibition intends to go beyond the conventional boundaries of the genres of crafts and fine arts, showcasing a variety of artistic works.
The exhibition title Just, with its definition encompassing fairness, signifies a commitment to promoting equitable art, where craftsmanship and fine art are not viewed in a hierarchical manner, but rather evaluated based on the individual artistic value of each work. On a side note, combining the middle letters of Just and art forms the word star. This exhibition aims to express the hope that all the artists will shine brightly, like stars sparkling high in the sky.

Just Art! : Beyond Borders is an exhibition that goes beyond the strict distinctions between crafts, design, and fine arts, traversing the boundaries of genres and materials to showcase a 'multilayered encounter.' This exhibition aims to reevaluate the value of crafts, traditionally perceived as a subordinate genre, and hopes to provide a space for the diverse expansion of the craft world. Furthermore, it aspires to reflect on the methods and possibilities of crafts as a cultural discourse, presenting a new paradigm of integration and communication.
/ Chairwoman of Pureun Culture Foundation: Hae Won Koo

The exhibition runs until the 21 December 2023
Hours: 11:00 - 18:00 (Closed on Mondays)