Karl Fritsch & Lisa Walker

Exhibition  /  14 Jul 2009  -  09 Aug 2009
Published: 14.07.2009
Inform Contemporary Jewellery

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Through monthly changing exhibitions and the continual supply of new exciting work, a talented stable of jewellers are celebrated: this month Karl Fritsch and Lisa Walker are on display.

Artist list

Karl Fritsch, Lisa Walker
(...) Both these jewellers' work is characterised by a new attitude to jewellery making - one of uninhibited experimentation. There is a complete lack of any egocentric, design orientated approach to their work. Instead there is one which focuses more on their obvious passionfor materials and in creating space for the nature of those materials to speak to us in a new way. Their work is as much provocative and challenging to a maker of jewellery such as myself as it is to a wearer. On the surface Walker's work is funny and playful while at the same time there is an undercurrent of necessity there; a personal journey that needs to be travelled. She bravely uses unconventional materials and techniques and in so brings contemporary jewellery into a new age. In Karl Fritsch's work there are so many powerful juxtapositions that one loses count. It is both old and new, clever and simple, ugly and beautiful, serious and silly, valuable and junky. Both of these jewellers' work questions the role of jewellery in our lives and in the world, pushing boundaries and breaking the conventions we had not identified until they were threatened in this vital way. (...)

Kate Ewing