Keramiek Triënnale 2021

Exhibition  /  07 Mar 2021  -  30 May 2021
Published: 22.01.2021
Mignon van Bendegem. Piece: Πολιτισμού/Civilisation, 2020. Earthenware, terra sigillata.. Mignon van Bendegem
Piece: Πολιτισμού/Civilisation, 2020
Earthenware, terra sigillata.
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Figurative and abstract, monumental, or small and extremely detailed. Pot shapes, sculptures, and objects, shown alongside wall and floor installations. From 7 March to 30 May, CODA Museum presents Keramiek Triënnale 2021, an exhibition that CODA realizes in collaboration with the Nederlandse Vakgroep Keramisten (NVK). De Keramiek Triënnale 2021 shows the work of 48 artists from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, Ireland, England, Romania, and Slovenia.