In Contrast. Annual Members' Exhibition

Exhibition  /  14 Jul 2023  -  02 Sep 2023
Published: 19.07.2023

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The Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein presents its long-awaited annual exhibition with an exciting theme: it's all about contrasts!

Artist list

Katharina Andress, Miki Asai, Michaela Baer-Koetzle, Elke Bauer, Peter Bauhuis, Waltraud Buchheimer, Barbara Butz, Sarah Cossham, Maike Dahl, Christine Demmel, Claudia Denkhaus, Nina Ehmck, Anja Eichler, Susanne Elstner, Sophia Epp, Birgit Esslinger, Pura Ferreiro, Simone Fezer, Anne Fischer, Doerthe Fuchs, Ruth Gassner, Helga Geissler, Helga Geissler, Heidi Greb, Gertrud Hahn, Gabriele Hain, Andrea MAXA Halmschlager, Nicola Heidemann, Heigert & Möbs, Sebastian Hepp, Askan Hertwig, Lydia Hirte, Berthold Hoffmann, Birgit Hrouzek, Mi Sook Hwang, Mari Ishikawa, Hilde Janich, Martin Kargruber, Gisela Kiener, Heide Kindelmann, Heike Kleinlein, Birgit Knapp-Lang, Unk Kraus, Rosa Maria Krinner, Susanna Kuschek, Melanie Kölsch, Christoph Leuner, Sandra Loebich, Sonngard Marcks, Paolo Marcolongo, Irmengard Matschunas, Anna Moll, OODD Studios, Donata Oppermann, Erika Pfeiffer-Paulus, Gitta Pielcke, Alessandra Pizzini, Kirsten Plank, Brigitte Rambold, Annette Rawe, Ulrike Reh, Cornelius Réer, Jochen Rüth, Dorothea Schippel, Gudrun Schneider, Nicole Schuster, Christa Schwarztrauber, Ines Schwotzer, Barbara Schwämmle, Christoph Straube, Dagmar Stühler, Heike Thamm, Karola Torkos, Martina Tornow, Silvia Ullmann, Ulrike Umlauf-Orrom, Glasfachschule Zwiesel, Babette von Dohnanyi, Barbara von Taeuffenbach
A programme full of contrasts awaits visitors to the Bavarian Association for Arts and Crafts during the summer weeks: under the title 'Contrasts', a theme that accompanies and inspires everyday life as much as the fields of art and craft are addressed. The colourful invitation outlines which contrast attracts or repels, what can unite and what can separate.

Properties such as soft or hard, rough or smooth, large or small are found on the tableau, as are the opposing concepts of function and form, the every day and the special, the orderly and the untidy. In most cases, the mere mention of these contrasts conjures up images in the mind. Because, as with anything, the evaluation of these words is a matter of opinion. When does light become dark? When does the every day become something special? Can the simple not also be sophisticated?

Duration: From 14 July to 2 September 2023
Opening hours: From Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Meet the Artists: Friday, 21st July 2023, 16.00 p.m to 18.00 p.m.
Exhibition design: Julia Hendrysiak and Johanna Meier