Koru 5 Exhibition

Exhibition  /  08 Aug 2015  -  12 Sep 2015
Published: 17.08.2015
Imatra Art Museum

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The call for applications for the KORU5 met a great success. We received 363 applications coming from 44 different countries. The jury met twice in the end of August and as a final outcome of this challenging process 51 artists were selected to participate KORU5 exhibition.

Artist list

Ulla Ahola, Ela Bauer, Alexander Blank, Iris Bodemer, Monika Brugger, Kim Buck, Julie Connellan, Conversation Piece, Jess Dare, Jantje Fleischhut, Rebekah Frank, Emi Fukuda, Sara Gackowska, Gésine Hackenberg, Margit Hart, Jing He, Daniela Hedman, Hanna Hedman, Hannah Joris, Jiro Kamata, Ulrike Kleine-Behnke, Sirja Knaapi, Mervi Kurvinen, Lore Langedries, Kristiina Lauritis, Dongchun Lee, Urmas Lüüs, Jorge Manilla, Amandine Meunier, Olivia Monti, Edgar Mosa, Pernille Mouritzen, Gitte Nygaard, Jiun-You Ou, Martin Papcun, Vincent Pontillo-Verrastro, Anna Rikkinen, Mette Saabye, Bridgette Shepherd, Kristyna Spanihelova, Katrin Spranger, Dimitar Stankov, Céline Sylvestre, Nelli Tanner, Birgit Thalau, Terhi Tolvanen, Tanel Veenre, Maria Vuorinen, Walka, Emelie Westerlund, Shu-Lin Wu
KORU is an international contemporary jewellery triennial organized now for the fifth time. The main purpose of the event is to present widely international contemporary jewellery and bring together the artists, lecturers, researchers and people with interest in contemporary jewellery to take part in exhibition, seminar and workshops. The start of the KORU5 event takes place in Imatra, Finland, autumn 2015. The KORU5 is organized by the Finnish Jewellery Art Association.

The call for applications for the KORU5 exhibition met a great success. The final outcome was a selection of 51 artists, the highest number of participants in the history of KORU exhibitions. By this selection the jury wanted to show the multidimensionality of jewellery art and what is happening in the field at this very moment. The members of the honoured jury were Helena Lehtinen; Jewellery Artist, Katarina Siltavuori; Art, Design & Contemporary Craft - Curator & Consultant and Jyrki Siukonen; Artist, Senior Research Fellow, University of Arts, Helsinki.

Opening hours at Imatra Art Museum:
Mon-Thu 9-19, Fri 9-16.
From 1.9.2015 Mon-Fri 9-19, Sat 10-15

The KORU5 exhibition will be seen in three different location in Finland:
. Imatra Art Museum 8.8.-12.9.2015
. Vaasa Art Hall 3.10.-29.11.2015
. Kuopio Art Museum 10.6.-10.9.2016

About the Finnish Jewellery Art Association (Korutaide).
The Finnish Jewellery Art Association was founded in Lappeenranta in 2005. The association aims to promote contemporary jewellery in Finland and to improve its recognition as an art and design form. Another goal of the association is to increase awareness about Finnish jewellery internationally. As means towards those ends, the association organizes exhibitions, presentations and discussion panels, and distributes information about events.
Exhibition overview.
Exhibition overview

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Exhibition overview.
Exhibition overview

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