Landscapes by Sofia Björkman

Exhibition  /  19 Jun 2021  -  05 Sep 2021
Published: 14.06.2021
Sofia Björkman. Piece: Landscape, 2021. PLA (renewable bio plastic), steel, acrylic paint.. 90 x 50 x 15 cm. Photo by: Urban Jörén. Brooch / Object. Sofia Björkman
Piece: Landscape, 2021
PLA (renewable bio plastic), steel, acrylic paint.
90 x 50 x 15 cm
Photo by: Urban Jörén
Brooch / Object
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In the exhibition Landscapes, Sofia Björkman shows jewellery and three-dimensional objects that move between body-related works, installations, drawings, and paintings. The work is based on different aspects of landscapes, such as the natural landscape, the human behavior in nature, and also the social landscape, the relationship between people and society. The human body can be seen as a landscape for jewellery, the exhibition space as the environment for the exhibited objects and together they form a larger landscape.