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Exhibition  /  31 Jan 2020  -  29 Feb 2020
Published: 22.01.2020
Carlier Makigawa. Necklace: 667, 2020. Silver, niobium.. Photo by: Kik Gollings. Carlier Makigawa
Necklace: 667, 2020
Silver, niobium.
Photo by: Kik Gollings
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We are familiar with the iconic images of Carlier's jewellery, the theatrical balance between her constructions and the body in a dialogue of reciprocal definition.  Judith O'Callaghan described this as "one of the most consistent features of Makigawa's work ... an insistence on formal definition...a balance between frame and content." In these new pieces the works have become flexible frames for the figure in motion, no longer poised balance but fluid play between the human form and shifting shapes.
/ Helen Britton