Lisa Walker: Unwearable

Exhibition  /  23 Jan 2009  -  07 Mar 2009
Published: 27.01.2009
Craft Victoria
Lisa Walker. Brooch: Untitled, 2007. Plastic, glue. Lisa Walker
Brooch: Untitled, 2007
Plastic, glue
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Unwearable is a provocation. It matters when a jeweller chooses such a confrontational title for an exhibition of work from the past fifteen years. What’s the angle here? What is Walker’s game?

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Lisa Walker
If you are at all familiar with Walker's work, one of New Zealand's most important contemporary jewellery practitioners, you won’t be surprised. The word ‘unwearable’ does what all the best jewellery in this exhibition does when you consider putting it on: it aggressively challenges us on a material, conceptual and sometimes even practical level. Some of Walker’s jewellery is entirely unwearable, but the fact that we keep asking ourselves what would happen if we put it on is important. This is the connection to jewellery that is central to Walker’s practice. 

Curated by Damian Skinner.


There will be a catalogue raissone available at Craft Victoria during the exhibition.

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