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Exhibition  /  24 Dec 2005  -  20 Feb 2006
Published: 01.02.2007
Antipode, virtual exhibition-hall
Mi-Mi Moscow
Nininha Guimaraes. : Reliquary. silk cocoon, gold, plastic. Nininha Guimaraes
: Reliquary
silk cocoon, gold, plastic
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© By the author. Read Copyright.

What is interesting about Portuguese contemporary jewellery?

The actions. The individual attitudes. The thoughts. The feelings. The need to create possibities of personal expression through material.

Sensibility and honesty and having the conscience of the presence of the human
body - is not an easy task. We all struggle – especially when we decide to be honest and responsible of what we are doing here.

To create a new object in a world of compulsive consumption – this is definitely
an act of responsibility and deep consciousness. Especially when we talk about
jewellery – so often related to a superfluous item…in our times.

But in Portugal, as in any part of the world when someone decides to create a body-related-object, the meaning and the purpose attached to this action should be backed by a strong statement and a strong emotion.

I have been a tutor for some years already to many jewellery artists of the young
generation (Joao Martins, Diana Silva, Ana Henriques…), being myself a result of
an apprenticeship by a previous generation, those who started this movement
in Lisbon (Alexandra Serpa Pimentel, Tereza Seabra…) . Being on this platform –
both looking back and looking forward – I do believe that each one of us here is
looking for a way of expression, a personal language which has restrictions that
depend on each one’s purposes and goals.

Jewellery can be fashion, jewellery can be narrative, jewellery can be conceptual,
jewellery can be just about jewellery itself or related to all other areas of expression of what is going on around the world. Not so different, as always, to the other areas of expression…

In 1978 Ar.Co - Centro de Arte e Comunicacao Visual ( ), a private and alternative art school in Lisbon, set on this path of showing that jewellery can be a way of visual and personal expression.
We now have two other Colleges, ESAD – Escola Superior de Arte e Design ( ) in Porto and Contacto Directo ( ) in Lisbon. We also have a few jewellery galleries Tereza Seabra ( ) and Reverso ( ) who work hard in bringing work from abroad and in promoting our own production.

More recently we have founded PIN – a fresh and promising association for Portuguese contemporary jewellery ( ). Our first event was to organize the X edition of the international jewellery symposium Ars Ornata Europeana – this time named everywhere-nowhere.

During the X th edition of Ars Ornata Europeana, Lisbon became the Here and Now for around 150 members of the nomadic world of contemporary jewelers, which stretched from both sides of the Atlantic rim across most of Europe through Asia and Africa, to our antipodes.
What took place in fact was an intense coming together of people and ideas in a forum for the exchange of information about the state of the art of jewellery, which will make future contacts, programmes and events possible.

The outcome was also a considerable projection of the state of the arts in general, contemporary jewellery apart, in Portugal.

Everywhere, Nowhere served as theme for this edition. A host of events were organized – the major exhibitions Closer at the National Museum of Historic Art, and Nomadic Room, at the Belem Cultural Centre; some 23 interventions of Jewellery in Situ in shops of many kinds, cafes, restaurants and churches, concentrated in the central area of Baixa-Chiado. A film season at the Portuguese Cinemateca – Jewels in the Cinema: Curses and Blessings – and two workshops at Ar.Co – Everywhere – lider by Ted Noten and Nowhere – lider by Paula Roush, at Centre for Art and Visual Communication, the results having been shown at Galeria Tereza Seabra.

Three more shows also opened during the Symposium: Reciprocal Jewels at Galeria Contacto Directo; Ossarium Rose at the Natural History Museum, Jewellery from Sweden at Galeria Reverso.

The symposium was organized by PIN – Portuguese Contemporary Jewellery Association: the organizing committee being composed of Cristina Filipe, Marilia Maria Mira & Paula Paour, with the assistance of Alexandra de Serpa Pimentel, Ana Martinho, Frederica Bastide Duarte & Manuela de Sousa.

I believe Portuguese Jewellery can indeed be everywhere and nowhere.
Many of us have been trying to get more knowledge abroad.
And some have also exhibited overseas.
But still our movement is not yet everywhere in the world and we hope that we will soon arrive in Moscow: getting closer, being there.

Cristina Filipe
Lisboa, October 2005

Translated by Frederica Bastide Duarte and Robin Fior.
Leonor Hipolito. Earrings: Objects for dreams. silver, rubber. Leonor Hipolito
Earrings: Objects for dreams
silver, rubber
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Manuela Sousa. Brooch: Untitled. silver, gold, elastics. Photo C.B. Aragao. Manuela Sousa
Brooch: Untitled
silver, gold, elastics
Photo C.B. Aragao
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Cristina Filipe. Object: Mistery 1 / Rosary 1. silver, ready-made. Photo: R. Felicio & L. Palma. Cristina Filipe
Object: Mistery 1 / Rosary 1
silver, ready-made
Photo: R. Felicio & L. Palma
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Claudia Cabral. : X-ray. Light Box. Claudia Cabral
: X-ray
Light Box
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Paula Paour. Necklace: Sky 1. Lead and gold. Paula Paour
Necklace: Sky 1
Lead and gold
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