LOOT 2019. Mad about Jewelry

Exhibition  /  09 Apr 2019  -  13 Apr 2019
Published: 01.04.2019
Museum of Arts & Design
2 Columbus Circle
NY 10019 -  New York
212 299 7777
Bryna Pomp
Chris Scoates

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The Museum of Arts and Design presents LOOT: MAD about Jewelry, its annual benefit exhibition and sale featuring designs from more than 50 emerging and acclaimed international jewelry artists. Now in its 19th edition, LOOT has become known as the ultimate pop-up shop for contemporary artist-made jewelry, where collectors and jewelry enthusiasts have the rare opportunity to meet and acquire pieces from some of the most innovative creators in the field. Proceeds from LOOT: MAD about Jewelry benefit the Museum’s exhibitions and education programs.

Artist list

Alina Alamorean, Alvarez Patricia, Nevin Arig, Selvaggia Armani, Cristina Armesilla, Sonia Birndt Carrascosa, Chris Boland, Apinya Oo Boonprakob, Jessica Briggs, Isabelle Busnel, Ute Decker, Alison Evans, Kira Fritsch, Bárbara García, Stephan Hampala, Nicola Heidemann, Kathryn Hinton, Gabriele Hinze, Arang Kim, Gail Klevan, Silke Knetsch, Mariko Kusumoto, Heejin Lee, Heng Lee, Namkyung Lee, Wanshu Li, Helmi Lindblom, Tara Locklear, Brooke Marks-Swanson, Lucy Martin, Mariquita Masterson, Melissa McArthur, Jake McCombe, Jen Neame-Collins, Kim Nogueira, Gabriel Ofiesh, Nazan Pak, Joo Hyung Park, Anna Porcu, Sarah Pulvertaft, Agustina Ros, Vania Ruiz, Elsa Sarantidou, Sebastian Schildt, Tereza Seabra, Rita Soto, Christian Streit, Leyla Taranto, Aisegul Telli, Marcin Tymiński, Francesca Vitali, Alena Willroth, Jaesun Won, Telma da Cunha Ferreira, Babette von Dohnanyi
The jewelry content of LOOT 2019 is particularly noteworthy in two specific areas, said LOOT Curator Bryna Pomp. Firstly, this year’s exhibition presents a great number of outstanding young makers who are already creating groundbreaking work. Secondly, it features a larger presence of jewelry in precious metals, particularly in silver and in gold, often with semiprecious and precious stones, that is exceptionally original in design.

LOOT is in keeping with the long-standing commitment of the Museum of Arts and Design to present jewelry as an art form. MAD is the only American museum to possess a gallery dedicated to the display of both temporary jewelry exhibits and its own collection of contemporary and modern studio and art jewelry. Proceeds from LOOT: MAD About Jewelry benefit the Museum’s exhibitions and education programs.

LOOT reflects the core of MAD’s mission to celebrate the creative process and connect audiences to contemporary art and design, said Marsy Mittlemann, LOOT 2019 Co-Chair. It presents an extraordinary opportunity for artists and viewers to interact with one another and engage in conversations around the work. I am honored to participate in an event that provides a platform for international talent while supporting MAD’s exciting upcoming initiatives. LOOT is always exceptionally curated, and 2019 promises to be the best edition to date, said LOOT 2019 Co-Chair Joan Hornig. No other exhibition in the world brings viewers into contact with the diversity of design and designers showcased each spring at MAD. It is the perfect venue for both serious and first-time collectors to engage with global talent and purchase unique pieces of wearable art at every price point.
LOOT 2019 features fifty-five artists from eighteen countries and territories: Austria (1), Belgium (1), Chile (2), Finland (1), France (2), Germany (6), Italy (2), Korea (5), Poland (1), Portugal (2), Spain (5), Sweden (1), Taiwan (1), Thailand (1), Turkey (3), the United Kingdom (14), the United States (6), and the US Virgin Islands (1). In addition to a diverse range of artistic practices, the jewelry on display encompasses a wide array of materials, from traditional metals to more unconventional media like leather, glass, porcelain, paper, silicone, resin, textiles, wood, horsehair, recycled skateboards, and ultraviolet-reactive nylon. 

Artist Highlights
The jewelry artists and designers featured in LOOT 2019 include the following:
  • Italian designer Selvaggia Armani designs and produces textiles, including necklaces and brooches, for home and casual wear. On site at LOOT, she will create a new collection of jewelry made of hand-painted leather, building on her practice of “live” painting and customized bracelets. 
  • Japan-born and Massachusetts-based artist Mariko Kusumoto prevails upon fabric to construct forms of elegant simplicity and evocative imagery. Using a proprietary heat setting technique, she gives the fabric a new identity through reshaping it into three-dimensional forms. Her designs are incorporated into jewelry and sculptural pieces, as well as in collaborations with fashion designers; in January, her work appeared on the Jean-Paul Gaultier catwalk at Paris Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2019.
  • Taiwanese jewelry artist Heng Lee juxtaposes traditional craft technique and cutting edge technology to explore the relationship between nature and Internet culture. Using downloaded images, laser-cut metal, and hand embroidery, he creates visually striking pieces that are both digital and tactile. In a time when much of our information comes from social media, his work interrogates the divide between experience and technology, and encourages full awareness of the current moment. 
  • Scotland-based artist Wanshu Li is largely inspired by the brilliant colors and sensuous movements of sea creatures like jellyfish and sea anemones. With her jewelry, she aims to create a multisensory wearing experience that involves visual enjoyment, tactility, and sound. Li’s fascination with dance culture, laser light shows, and stage performances inspired her to add a further visual dimension to her practice: she experiments with ultraviolet-reactive nylon and fluorescent paints, which combine to produce a remarkable intensity of color when the jewelry is illuminated with UV light. 
  • Houston-based designer Mariquita Masterson creates handmade glass pieces that are vivid, unique, and energetic, and that unite the everyday with the exceptional. Masterson uses both recycled glass and glass from companies that produce a variety of colors and textures, and on occasion creates stunning pieces out of the fragments of broken antique vases. Most recently, Masterson has gained attention for the debut of one of her necklaces worn by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi during the President’s State of the Union address in February.  
  • This year, LOOT will showcase the work of four 2018 graduates of La Escuela de Arte 3, in Madrid, Spain: Patricia Álvarez, Cristina Armesilla, Sonia Birndt Carrascosa, and Bárbara García. The jewelry of these emerging creators exhibits fresh expressions of color and form, and takes inspiration from music, technology, contradiction, and the city they call home. 
 In its first year, the LOOT Advisory Committee assists LOOT Curator Bryna Pomp with the selection of artists and designers. The LOOT Advisory Committee for 2019 includes Susan Ach, Michele Cohen, Marsy Mittlemann, and Barbara Waldman.

LOOT Acquisition Prize
Awarded annually by a jury, the LOOT Acquisition Prize recognizes a LOOT jewelry artist or designer whose work reflects maturity in artistry and concept, exhibits both a superior and an experimental understanding of materials and form, and demonstrates expertise in technique and execution. MAD’s permanent collection includes nearly one thousand pieces of jewelry, spanning the mid-twentieth century to the present day. The LOOT Acquisition Prize formalizes the Museum’s goal of enhancing its collection by acquiring jewelry from artists who have made significant contributions to the field and whose work provides historical context for MAD’s mid- to late-twentieth-century pieces, as well as from emerging artists who are an important force in the contemporary art jewelry scene. 
The 2019 jury is chaired by Barbara Paris Gifford and Elissa Auther together with LOOT CoChairs Joan Hornig and Marsy Mittlemann, LOOT Curator Bryna Pomp, and Board Chair Michele Cohen. The 2019 LOOT Acquisition Prize will be awarded on April 8 during the Opening Benefit dinner.  

In 2018, the prize was jointly awarded to Isabelle Molénat and Sarran Youkongdee. Past LOOT artists who have had works acquired by the Museum include the well-established art jeweler Iris Nieuwenburg and the emerging jewelry artist Casey Sobel. Alena Willroth, who was awarded the inaugural LOOT Acquisition Prize in 2016, will be a returning artist this year. 


On Monday, April 8, 2019, the Museum of Arts and Design will host the LOOT 2019 Opening Benefit from 4:30 to 8:00 pm. The evening’s events include first access for patrons to meet this year’s LOOT artists and acquire their designs, a cocktail hour and reception, as well as a dinner honoring the 2019 LOOT Award recipients. The dinner begins at 7:30 pm.
Each year, the LOOT Award is presented to luminaries in the field of jewelry, including artists, collectors, and designers. This year, we will honor Adria de Haume and Josie Natori.
To purchase tickets to the LOOT 2019 Opening Benefit, to be held on Monday, April 8, visit, or contact Rebekka Grossman at 212.299.7712 or


Tuesday, April.9th, 10 am - 6 pm.
Wednesday, April 10th, 10 am - 6 pm.
Thursday, April 11th, 10 am - 9 pm.
Friday, April 12th, 10 am - 6 pm.
Saturday, April 13th, 10 am - 6 pm.
Heng Lee. Necklace: Floral Embroidery - Pixel 8.8, 2019. Stainless steel plated with 20K gold, silver, tread, silk organza.. Photo by: Heng Lee. From series: Floral Embroidery. Heng Lee
Necklace: Floral Embroidery - Pixel 8.8, 2019
Stainless steel plated with 20K gold, silver, tread, silk organza.
Photo by: Heng Lee
From series: Floral Embroidery
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Heng Lee. Earrings: Floral Embroidery - Pixel 3.8, 2019. Stainless Steel plated with platinum, silver, tread, silk organza.. Photo by: Heng Lee. From series: Floral Embroidery. Heng Lee
Earrings: Floral Embroidery - Pixel 3.8, 2019
Stainless Steel plated with platinum, silver, tread, silk organza.
Photo by: Heng Lee
From series: Floral Embroidery
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Tereza Seabra. Necklace: Hidden Treasures II, 2016. Gold, dendritic agates, amber.. Tereza Seabra
Necklace: Hidden Treasures II, 2016
Gold, dendritic agates, amber.
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Aisegul Telli. Brooch: The Body, 2018. Silver, mixed media.. Photo by: Aisegul Telli. Aisegul Telli
Brooch: The Body, 2018
Silver, mixed media.
Photo by: Aisegul Telli
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Babette von Dohnanyi. Necklace: Butterfly, 2017. Ag 925 black plated, Labradorite, pigment.. Babette von Dohnanyi
Necklace: Butterfly, 2017
Ag 925 black plated, Labradorite, pigment.
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Nicola Heidemann. Necklace: Blue and Red Pebbles, 2018. Silver, enamel, glass, titanium.. Nicola Heidemann
Necklace: Blue and Red Pebbles, 2018
Silver, enamel, glass, titanium.
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Wanshu Li. Pendant: Untitled, 2018. Acrylic, sterling silver, sequins, glass beads, nylon wire, fluorescent materials.. 7.5 x 6.7 x 4.5 cm. Photo by: Wanshu Li. From series: Go with the Glow. Wanshu Li
Pendant: Untitled, 2018
Acrylic, sterling silver, sequins, glass beads, nylon wire, fluorescent materials.
7.5 x 6.7 x 4.5 cm
Photo by: Wanshu Li
From series: Go with the Glow
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Brooke Marks-Swanson. Collar: Yellow Furrow, 2018. Knit leather, oxidized silver.. Brooke Marks-Swanson
Collar: Yellow Furrow, 2018
Knit leather, oxidized silver.
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Helmi Lindblom. Brooch: Untitled, 2017. Balloons, condoms, polymer, eco resin, silver, gold, shells (recycled), steel, disposable shotmug.. Photo by: Laura Pulkkinen. From series: Ode to Cloudberries. Helmi Lindblom
Brooch: Untitled, 2017
Balloons, condoms, polymer, eco resin, silver, gold, shells (recycled), steel, disposable shotmug.
Photo by: Laura Pulkkinen
From series: Ode to Cloudberries
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