Manon van Kouswijk: Hanging Around, the Pearl Chain Principle

Exhibition  /  22 May 2010  -  19 Jun 2010
Published: 29.04.2010

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(...) For all I know the galaxy is a necklace and planet earth a giant bead (...)

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Manon van Kouswijk
Making archetypal bead necklaces runs like a red thread through my work. In this exhibition a new series of porcelain necklaces are on show plus a selection of my bead necklaces from the last fifteen years.
As well as making bead necklaces, I’ve always gathered visual material of all types of phenomena in which I can trace the idea of a bead necklace. This material is just as non-hierarchical as my interest in this jewellery phenomenon. Various aspects of this material come to the fore: the thread, the knots, the beads, the repetition, the necklace as a system, as a language, the bead as a particle and the ‘visual synonyms’ – all kinds of things in which the principle of a bead necklace is recognisable, but which, in fact, are not necklaces. Over the years this making and collecting of material have become increasingly more obsessive.
Based on photos of my necklaces and my visual archive, I’ve put together an artist book in collaboration with Uta Eisenreich and Esther de Vries. By showing the collected images alongside my own necklaces, each bead necklace becomes an all-embracing piece of information played out on all kinds of levels – from a supernova in the universe to the smallest particle of tangible matter.

Manon van Kouswijk