Mari Ishikawa and Nanna Melland

Exhibition  /  26 Sep 2008  -  31 Oct 2008
Published: 26.09.2008
Mari Ishikawa. Brooch: Moon light shadow, 2007. Silver. Mari Ishikawa
Brooch: Moon light shadow, 2007
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To the OPEN ART 2008: Galerie Spektrum presents the show of the two artists.

Artist list

Mari Ishikawa, Nanna Melland
Moon light shadow

Moon light - 1/465000 - Sun

Under the moon light there is very profound various greys world. It is silent.
I am one who is attracted by the colour tone of grey, which is found in the shadows.

I am interested in the tone of the plants. The green colour of plants is mysterious. This is because you can not dye any thing green using plants, even though they are green. You can dye something to green briefly, but then the colour vanishes like an illusion and turns into a sort of brown colour. The green colour can not be stabilised. Green is a colour of an illusion and shows its colour only when there is life.
Under the moon light, you can see very profound, various greys in it.

When various grey colour of the plants under the moon light are taken pictures, you can see pale
green colour again in this blue-grey world.

False or real.

The flowers and weeds in a field attract me as well. Their various shapes and perfection surprises me. For whom and for what is it so beautiful?

They are just there. I feel that their existence tells more than a thousand words sometimes.

Under the moon light we can share our life with nature.

Mari Ishikawa

Nanna Melland
: Concept inspiration

«Les Fleurs du mal »

What is living, will sooner or later die.
The beautiful change, and the young grow old.
A continues process of change in the world,
And in ourselves.

These lead flowers,
Were once seductive colourful Orchids.
Their enchanting smell and beautiful colour,
Lost in the dullness of the grey Lead colour,

The universal erotic attraction between the sexes,
Secures life and the maintenance of the species.
At times giving us heavenly pleasures,
In other times poisoning our minds and body,
A continues battlefield,
between happiness and grief, pleasures and pain.

Lead is a material that can both protect and kill,
Symbolically pictured with the planet Saturn,
The planet of death.
Orchids are symbolically pictured with sex and the erotic,
When cast in lead, I hope to bring forward ambiguity,
As also life is ambiguous.
From something dead can life grow,
And from life comes death.