Materio Talk 2019

Exhibition  /  23 May 2019  -  27 May 2019
Published: 14.05.2019

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Materials, words, languages, connections. There’s nothing more ephemeral yet concrete than jewellery. This tangible impermanence lies in the fact that jewellery is an art and, as an art, it is both child of the universal and the contingency.

 Event part of the Athens Jewelry Week 2019 

Artist list

Sébastien Carré, Marion Fillancq, Akis Goumas, Peter Hoogeboom, Marie Masson, Märta Mattsson, Yiumsiri Vantanapindu, Tanel Veenre
After the first edition during Parcours Bijoux in Paris in 2017 hosted by the Ateliers de Paris, and a second edition in the French Institute of Barcelona in 2018 in the off program of JOYA. We are really happy to let you know the exhibition is now moving to the French Institute of Athens during the Athens Jewelry Week 2019 at the end of May. 

As an art, jewellery creations are, at the same time, products of an established historical moment and pieces which carry with themselves layers of memory, universal messages of beauty and, above all, languages able to survive during the years. They are yet ephemeral because they can be broken, dismantled, fused and recomposed following the desires and circumstances of contingency and need.

More than traditional 
jewellery, contemporary jewellery offers a multiplicity of panoramas and languages. The use of different materials and the subversion of the hierarchy of what might be considered precious changed all perspectives. It is an evidence nowadays: studio jewellery is made also of non-precious metals and non-precious stones. From iron to plastics, from paper to wood, from fibers to insects each material can be worked, re-built and assembled in order to become a jewel, varying the traditional concepts of value and preciousness.

As different cartographies, contemporary jewels map and evoke new worlds and histories; they offer new languages and confront the viewer and the wearer to new perspectives and new interpretations.
Under the common vault of contemporary 
jewellery, materials surface as a formal language, the one that identifies an artist. Nevertheless, each Artist is always his/her own work: in each piece life blooms, emerges and marks a moment; the formal language reveals itself through the use of a specific material.
As a language, it evolves over the years and it finds similarities among the great variety of contemporary jewellery world creating unexpected connections and links.

The exhibition 
MATERIO-TALK, organized by the French Artist Sébastien Carré, focuses on the use of a specific material as a form of language and all the possible connections with other artists who are using the same material.
The themes proposed in this exhibition gather four French contemporary 
jewellers to four International contemporary jewellers, in order to investigate how the use of a common and specific material as a formal language can be achieved from two different sides, exploring the artistic process and all the connections between the artists.

The artists, called to create a piece for each theme, were called also to create two jewels on their own specific subject, one using the material that the other artist will have used. In addition to this, the second piece had to contain an additional word, the one that the other person in the team will have used to describe the work of his teammate. In this sense, the talk of material becomes a tangible conversation and dialogues are in front of our eyes.

One of 
a fascinating aspect of the exhibition Materio-Talk has been the fact each artist had to choose a specific word in order to describe the work of his/her own teammate. From one single lemma all the Artists involved in this project developed their own languages in constant reciprocity with their own fellow member, giving life to a tangible, yet peculiar dialogue on forms, ideas, and jewels, able to convey great subjects in a small size.

As an invited collaborator of this group, I here add my own word able to embrace the whole production of
Materio-Talk: transformation.

/  Nichka Marobin

Friday 24th of May, 10 am - 12 am.
Artist Talk: Presentation of the  Materio Talk exhibition by Akis Goumas, Marie Masson & Sébastien Carré.
Märta Mattsson. Brooch: Insectomania, 2017. Cicada wings, wood, glass, resin, lacquer, cubic zirconia, pigment, silver. Photo by: Märta Mattsson. Märta Mattsson
Brooch: Insectomania, 2017
Cicada wings, wood, glass, resin, lacquer, cubic zirconia, pigment, silver
Photo by: Märta Mattsson
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Yiumsiri Vantanapindu. Bracelet: Black-Kam-Laï, 2017. Black porcelain, metal.. Yiumsiri Vantanapindu
Bracelet: Black-Kam-Laï, 2017
Black porcelain, metal.
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Marion Fillancq. Necklace: Dorsal: Nucléus & maronites, 2015. Crystal, mirror, rockery, brass.. Photo by: Golfier. F. Marion Fillancq
Necklace: Dorsal: Nucléus & maronites, 2015
Crystal, mirror, rockery, brass.
Photo by: Golfier. F
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Peter Hoogeboom. Necklace: Into One, 2017. Porcelain, silver, nylon.. Photo by: Peter Hoogeboom. Peter Hoogeboom
Necklace: Into One, 2017
Porcelain, silver, nylon.
Photo by: Peter Hoogeboom
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Sébastien Carré. Brooch: Cultural Klash, 2019. Japanese paper, silk, hematite, beads.. Sébastien Carré
Brooch: Cultural Klash, 2019
Japanese paper, silk, hematite, beads.
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Akis Goumas. Necklace: Layer, 2017. Silver, copper, steel, leather, pigments.. Akis Goumas
Necklace: Layer, 2017
Silver, copper, steel, leather, pigments.
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Marie Masson. Brooch: Cockade, 2018. Leather, pheasant feathers, hematine, zince.. Marie Masson
Brooch: Cockade, 2018
Leather, pheasant feathers, hematine, zince.
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Tanel Veenre. Brooch: Full Moon, 2018. Bone, silicone, jet, silver.. Brooch and pendant.. Tanel Veenre
Brooch: Full Moon, 2018
Bone, silicone, jet, silver.
Brooch and pendant.

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