Max Ernst. The Würth Collection in Dialogue with Pieces from the Jewellery Museum's Collection

Exhibition  /  18 Jul 2020  -  17 Jan 2021
Published: 12.09.2019

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The exhibition’s focus is on a selection from Würth Collection, complemented by several of the artist’s sculptures, as well as by pieces from the Jewellery Museum’s collection – displayed alongside the graphics, and entering into dialog with them. Max Ernst accepted things as they appeared, and took a very associative, unconfined approach, something that opens up numerous possibilities for the interplay between his works and jewelry.

Artist list

Max Ernst
In the Würth Collection, Max Ernst occupies a central artistic position. A unique collection of books and graphics constitutes the core of the Max Ernst section, making this surrealist’s almost unsurpassable diverse, seemingly boundless visual universe experientially accessible, starting from his very first creations all the way through to his fantastic later works.

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am - 5 pm.

€ 4.50 normal ticket; € 2.50 reduced; € 6.00 includes a visit to the Technical Museum of Pforzheim’s Jewellery and Watchmaking Industries; free for children under 14 and holders of a Museums-Pass-Musées.
Guided tour by appointment only.

Max Ernst (1891–1976) ranks among the most inspiring and influential artists of the 20th century. His oeuvre’s charismatic appeal has lasted well beyond his era. Parts of his biographical notes are fictitious, and he always remained ironically detached from his works and techniques. His pictures feature figurative elements as well as imaginary forms, and his works have been created from mixed media. Max Ernst was a crossover artist and a master of the realm of in-between-ness. Like his life, his oeuvre is characterized by disjunctions and thematic changes, both of which combine to express his visionary, skeptical concept of the world.
About the Würth Collection
The Würth Collection comprises more than 18,000 works of art from the 16th century to the modern and contemporary eras – mainly paintings and sculptures. It ranks among the most renowned private art collections in Europe. The artworks are on display in Europe, admission free, in 15 museums, as well as in subsidiaries of the Würth Group. The costs of the activities related to the Würth Collection are borne by the respective international companies of the Würth Group.
Wilhelm Lukas von Cranach. Brooch: Octopus and Butterfly, 1899-1900. Gold, pearls, diamond, rubies, amethyst, topaz, enamel.. 9.9 cm Long. Photo by: Günther Meyer. Part of: Pforzheim Jewellery Museum. Origin: Berlin
. Execution Louis Werner.
. Schmuckmuseum dialogue piece to Max Ernst’s frontispiece of La dame Ovale by Leonora Carrington.. Wilhelm Lukas von Cranach
Brooch: Octopus and Butterfly, 1899-1900
Gold, pearls, diamond, rubies, amethyst, topaz, enamel.
9.9 cm Long
Photo by: Günther Meyer
Part of: Pforzheim Jewellery Museum
Origin: Berlin
Execution Louis Werner.
Schmuckmuseum dialogue piece to Max Ernst’s frontispiece of
La dame Ovale by Leonora Carrington.

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