Meet Me There by Estela Saez Vilanova

Exhibition  /  04 Oct 2017  -  28 Oct 2017
Published: 19.09.2017
Amaranto Joies
Grego García

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Estela Sàez Vilanova
Meet you here?

(…) She starts speaking about roots, and the effort that involves atomizing some kind of place in initiation, telluric, almost fetal, her private town, mythologized, customized in her head.

(…) she explains equally, her constant escape towards contexts and situations of an aggravated cosmopolitanism, and her way of conceiving and working those portable sculptures or author jewellery. From her words, I conclude that big cities are the best places for loneliness. Megapolises are the loner's paradise, the eternally exiled, and she permanently searches for those contexts, to literally rebuild with her work, a place that does not exist anymore. She imposes herself that rictus, -a type of getaway -, but her head follows the inputs from a land, a town, Catalonia. All her work is built with a very specific idea of this place of origin, natural, wild, social, that she has crushed again, and again in order to rebuild it.

The artist makes sculptures that look like jewels, and not the opposite. She changes things that are also ideas from this maternal body that is her town, and then remakes them with an ability and care that seem almost unhealthy. Her pieces are made from those same materials and ideas' own crumbs, previously smashed, precisely in order to lose all references to things, any belonging to a specific material. I would personally define her art as atomized jewellery, -almost tortured- that explains, first of all, a very distant
place, and then the shape, that supports the idea of modernity linked to nomadism. / Jordi Mitjà, Lladó 2013