Meeting the Future: International Exhibition for Contemporary Art

Exhibition  /  02 Oct 2019  -  12 Jan 2020
Published: 26.09.2019

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SxV Museum of Modern Art (SV MoMA) will launch the World-class Exhibition. This is the first exhibition in east-coast of China that shows crossover works by the world famous art masters such as Picasso, Dali, and Andy Warhol, to design masters such as Gijs Bakker, Ted Noten, Ruudt Peters, to hundreds of representative works by more than 40 contemporary artists and designers from 12 countries, including the UK, USA, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, China and Australia. It creates a creative and enlightening dialogue in the fields of contemporary art, fashion, craft and design. At the same time, for Qingdao City to build a high-quality "fashion capital" of the strategic thinking of the global voice, aim to become Qingdao brigade's new landmark art event.